Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Manipulation - (MedBoard: Joint Base Lewis-McChord) Day 227

This made me laugh a little...the chiropractor had a little fireplace on his phone 
just sitting on his desk running the entire time.

Morning formation this morning was at Keeler Gym in winter PTs. I was going to do my usual and just head to my car after accountability, but someone forgot to bring the guidon from the company. (for those who don't know what a guidon is, click here) The first sergeant was pissed off and wanted all the platoon sergeants as well as the squad leaders to gather around her so she could bitch them out. Everyone else had to head into the gym. I got on a stationary bike, listened to music on my iPhone, and slowly peddled as I sat there. I did this for a half hour and then left.

I drove to the WTB parking lot and ate my breakfast in the car while listening to the radio. Speaking of listening to the radio, with my long commutes I’ve started to get into more podcasts. These are great for passing time while driving, and don’t have all the commercials that the radio does. Here’s a list of what I’ve subscribed to so far:

BJ Shae: this is basically a podcast of the morning show on KISW. They are a typical morning talk show along with listeners that call in. The topics are usually pretty entertaining and the podcast does not include any of the music or commercial breaks so it moves right along.

The Men’s Room: this is the afternoon show on KISW. These guys are pretty funny, entertaining and not even close to being politically correct. They definitely make the time go by while commuting. This is the normal radio show without any commercial or music breaks.

The Mens Room: These are the same guys mentioned above, but they also do what I call a bonus podcast. This is just for a podcast and not on the radio show, but this one is updated less frequently.

STP: “Steve the Producer” is one of the guys from the morning show on KISW. This podcast is weekly and is pretty long, usually over 2 hours. I just started listening to this one and it’s been pretty good.

Tales From the Spacepod: This is one of the podcasts that I’ve been listening to for a number of years already. These guys are friends of mine and usually BS about paranormal activities or conspiracies. They usually go off on a tangent and are pretty funny to listen to. Unfortunately it’s only a weekly podcast.

I headed into the SFAC and checked my army email. I also sent an email to my navy co-worker letting him know that the army has me booked this entire week, so I will not be seeing him at all. I go back to my car and listen to the radio for a while. As I’m doing this I notice an SUV sitting idle for about 20 minutes waiting for a parking spot to fill up. The SUV then slowly starts to circle the parking lot to see if there is any he missed. He does this for about another 15 minutes! Some people blow me away with how lazy they are. There is another parking lot a little farther away that always has open spots, but this guy doesn’t want to walk the extra 2 minutes. I see this all the time when I’m leaving the hospital. People will stalk me if they see me coming from the hospital going to the parking lot. I’ll be walking toward my car and there will be another car slowly following me. Most of the time I’m not even leaving, I’m just going to my car to wait for my next appointment. So I get in my car, turn on the radio, and just chill. Meanwhile the car that is stalking me is idling, waiting for me to leave so they can get my parking spot. It drives me nuts. Even when I am leaving, I don’t rush…these people are stupid.

At 1000 I went to my first chiropractic appointment. The first part of the appointment the chiropractor is just gathering all my history and asking me questions. He then does an exam. As he’s feeling my neck, he can feel all the tight muscles and the tender spots. He then showed me a model of the spine and explained to me everything that’s going on with my neck. It was pretty interesting and informational. He says that he thinks he can help me out a lot and I’m feeling pretty optimistic! He then did the manipulation on my neck, which I have to say was not too bad. I was pretty worried that it was going to hurt quite a bit, but he did a couple quick snaps and then had me schedule my next few appointments. There was some relief of pressure in my neck, and I walked away feeling better.

After the appointment, I headed home and did schoolwork. This is one of the tougher classes I’ve had, there is a lot of work that needs to be completed each week. Once this class is over, I have two more…I can’t wait!

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