Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Weekend Wrap-Up (New Year's 4-Day) - (Germany) Day 368 -371

Saturday: This entire weekend turned out to be very mellow. We were asked if we wanted to attend some events for New Years, but because my wife has to work New Year's Eve, we really couldn't do much…especially anything that required us to go anywhere very far. The entire day Saturday was spent in my bathrobe. I'm not gonna lie, it was pretty cool just hanging out and relaxing. We just watched TV and didn't do much of anything.

Sunday: Today our big event was to at least get out of the house and do something. We ended up heading to the Ramstein air base. We saw a movie called "This is 40", which considering I'm almost there, I thought was pretty funny. My wife and I both had a great time, the movie was funny, the popcorn was good, and we did get out of the house.

Shortly after we got back, I met up with my boss and SPC Mac at the Village Grill on PHV. They show all the football games each Sunday. Surprisingly there were only about 6 people there including us! I finally got to watch a Seahawks game, I haven't been able to see one of those since I joined the army. As luck would have it, they won the game…but because of the time difference it didn't finish until 0200. One of the reasons I don't watch any of the games, but with the day off tomorrow it worked out perfect!

Monday: My wife had to go to work and I spent all of New Year's Eve in my bathrobe. By the time my wife got home she had tweaked something in her back and was pretty sore, so we ended up just staying home and watching TV shows, then Mission Impossible until midnight. We gave each other a kiss and wished each other a happy new year…then headed to bed. Not the most spectacular new year's celebration, but I can't complain…I was with my wife and I didn't have staff duty or anything.

Tuesday: Today we started off the new year by having a "Dexter" marathon. We watched a lot of season 4 and also did a little cleaning. All signs of Christmas are now gone. My wife's back is still quite a bit sore, so we weren't going to do anything strenuous. This new year will be full of changes. One way or another, I'll be leaving Heidelberg at some point. I just hope this investigation and whatever it brings happens soon. I want to get it all over with because until then, I can't go on pass or leave. I can't make any plans, I'm basically just stuck in limbo.

Not much of a holiday weekend as far as getting out and seeing things. In fact it was about as total opposite as you can get from that. I hope that this new year turns out to be much better than last year. I will not take anything for granted, and I will always remember that no matter how bad things may seem…they can always get worse.

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