Friday, January 25, 2013

Repeat - (Germany) Day 394

This morning was…yes, the same as yesterday. The only difference was that I took the test and finally finished that training module that I've been working on for the last couple of days.This training module is quite a bit different than most of the others that I've had to take. The test ended up being kind of like a "choose your own adventure" video game. Your character is shown doing stuff and at certain points you have to choose what action to take, the choices you make determine if you pass or not. It's kind of a unique way of doing things and definitely makes you think a little more. Once I finished and made a PDF of my certificate, I did one more module on "combating trafficking in persons". Luckily I was able to take a pre-test and pass with a 100%, so I didn't even have to go through the training. After 5 minutes of work I had another certificate saved. That was enough to call it a morning for me. I emailed the chaplain the completed versions of the fliers I made him this week and then laid down on the couch for a bit. My head was hurting and I was able to just rest for about an hour before having lunch and then heading into my office.

When I arrived in the office I did my schoolwork and then played games on my iPhone until it was time to hit the gym. Not a whole lot to write about this afternoon…I had a good workout on the weights and then picked up my wife and headed home.

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