Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Planning Day - (Germany) Day 384

A photo that was taken of my company doing spin class for PT

This morning I headed into work and after getting settled in, I headed over to the ComSec office. I was told to head over and fill out an EFMP form to get the process started for the upcoming move. The EFMP (Exceptional Family Member Program) is a form where I list all the dependents that will be moving with me. We have to fill it out no matter if we have dependents with special needs or not, checking a box showing that they either are or aren't special needs. After I filled it out (outside of the actual ComSec office because I'm not allowed in there yet), SPC Mac typed it up and printed off a copy for me. It was good seeing everyone there and chatting a bit while getting everything done. I took the form to our S-1 shop where they verified the information and signed it.

I headed back to my office and read for a while. When the chaplain came in I headed down to his office to go over my "to do" list. I also let him know of a bunch of training that I've been told I have to do. I guess there was a packet given out to all the soldiers of our company with a ton of online training that is required. It's going to be a little tough for me because I don't have access to any computer. We basically made a plan for the rest of the day and tomorrow, as well as our big day on Thursday where I'll be driving him very early to Wiesbaden.

I headed out for lunch at home, then headed to the library to check out their computers. They have computers with CAC readers, so I thought I might be able to do some of my required training on them. Today was just a test drive to see if I could access the needed sites, and it looks like I can. I then drove to the hospital and setup an appointment for the EFMP screening. This is where they will actually chat with my wife for a bit (I guess to make sure she doesn't have any special needs) and then fill out and stamp my paperwork. Once that is turned in, I guess they can start the process and maybe I'll hear when and where I'll be going once Heidelberg closes. The two places that keep coming up are Landstuhl and Wiesbaden. If I had my choice, I would choose Wiesbaden. Landstuhl would mean I would still be in the same company with a first sergeant that hates me…and that could make being at work a miserable experience every single day.

I headed back to my office and read for a while until it was time for PT, I changed and then had a pretty good ride on the stationary bike. I'm going to enjoy this reverse PT while I can, I'm not looking forward to next month when we revert back to normal PT.

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