Thursday, January 17, 2013

A Day in Wiesbaden - (Germany) Day 386

This morning I got up a little earlier than usual and readied myself for the day. I then got the TMP ready to go, because it snowed yesterday and last night it was covered with snow. I started it up then started the process of brushing off all the snow that had accumulated over the entire van. I then headed to the shoppette parking lot where I waited (with the van running) for the chaplain. It was freakin' cold outside, so it took a while for the thing to get warm. After about 10 minutes of waiting, the chaplain showed up and we were off to Wiesbaden. The chaplain has some training there and I'm his driver. The drive is a little under an hour usually, but with all the snow and the road conditions it took a bit longer…but not too bad.

Once we arrived I stayed in the van reading my school textbook while he attended his training. About two hours after it started a sergeant came out and I helped him move all the boxes of books from my van to his car. With the closing of Heidelberg we are transferring material. I ate lunch at the food court and ended up staying in there for a while reading from my textbook and then playing around on my iPad. Once it became a little too loud I ended up heading to the library on post. A nice surprise at the library…free wifi! So I was able to sit on a big leather couch and play around on my iPad for a few hours.

We ended up heading back a little after 1500. I could handle more days like this…just hanging out in the library and getting all my schoolwork done. When I got back, I had to head over to the ComSec office to sign my 4-Day counseling stating that I will not get into trouble over the weekend. I also had to get my POV inspection done. All the stuff that used to drive me nuts, but I just laugh at it now. The company XO was there and on his way out he asked me if I had found a job yet. I said "no"…I wonder if he knows something I don't. I don't really care anymore. I'm off for the weekend!!!

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