Monday, January 7, 2013

Pain Management - (Germany) Day 376

This morning I headed once again into my office…well I spent the first hour in the conference room as usual waiting for the contractor to come in so I could get the key to my office door. I spent the entire morning reading on my iPad. I switched back and forth between MacLife and the 4th book of "The Game of Thrones" series. I feel like I'm stuck in neutral and not going anywhere. I know some folks would think this is the greatest job in the world, all I do is sit around and read all day with the occasional times that I drive the chaplain around. I just want to feel like I'm doing something with my life…I hate doing nothing.

I had lunch at my house, then headed to Landstuhl medical center for an appointment at the pain management clinic. The doctor did a lot of checks and wants to try another type of injection into my neck this time. I had to schedule another appointment for this procedure, and the next available one is on the 30th. What I thought was going to be a number of quick appointments at the pain management clinic is going to turn out to be a long ordeal. This means that I will not be able to do a follow up appointment with my neurologist for quite some time. I had actually been looking forward to the follow up appointment because the neurologist said if pain management can't do anything to fix my headaches, then I'll have to start the process of getting out of the army. I had it in my head so long that I was probably getting out, that this set back was disappointing to say the least. Don't get me wrong, I would love to have my headaches fixed, but I've grown to pretty much hate the idea of being in the army. Maybe it's just this unit, maybe the next one will be better…but I really doubt it. What I thought the army was going to be like, and what the reality is seem to be oceans apart.

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