Monday, January 14, 2013

Sanitation Engineer - (Germany) Day 383

This morning I headed into my office and started reading my school textbook, but after about 15 minutes one of the local nationals that works in the same building came in and told me I had to come to the conference room. It was one of the contractor's birthday and they had brought in breakfast. I wasn't hungry because I just ate, but they wouldn't take no for an answer. So I sat there, ate, and chatted with them for a while. Actually it turned out to be for about an hour before I headed back to my office to continue my schoolwork. I just finished reading the chapter when my boss called and told me I had AIC detail. This was a little late notice, but I wasn't too worried. I called the AIC office and told them I am on my way.

I headed home and changed. It was snowing out, so I wanted to make sure I was dressed appropriately since I was going to be out in it playing "garbage man" for the day. I put on the army issued long johns, my older "dirty" boots, and my rain jacket. Once I was ready to brave the elements, I headed out and met up with my helper, an E-2 that works in the dental clinic. I've actually done AIC detail with him once before. We took the modified golf cart out first. This little golf cart has a miniature truck bed in the back where we can put garbage bags we pick up, it can also drive all over the place…so we are able to get up right next to each garbage can to see if it needs to be changed.

We finished up and then dumped the bags we accumulated into the large dumpster. We then took one of the larger TMP trucks and had to go around the officer's quarters and pick up all their old Christmas trees that were laying out. We filled up the entire bed of the truck with old Christmas trees and headed back to the recycling center to drop them off. I have to remind you that the recycling center here on post has huge bins for pretty much everything you can imagine from freezers to plastics and of course wood…where all the old trees ended up.

We then headed over to another small post "Patton Barracks" and checked the few garbage cans there as well as the shopping center located just a couple of minutes away. We broke for lunch where I met my wife in the food court. After this we dispatched the TMPs and headed home, we were done for the day…or so I thought. It was about 1400 when the guy in charge of AIC called my cell phone. It turns out that for some reason some folks at the very edge of post put out a bunch of garbage bags and lined them up right outside of their garbage bin. Why they didn't put them inside, I have no idea. Since it's an eyesore, the AIC boss asked if I could take the TMP and take care of them. Since I had already changed out of my uniform, he said I could just do it in civilian clothes. No problem…15 minutes later everything was taken care of and I was actually done for the day.

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