Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Caller - (Germany) Day 379

This morning I headed to work as usual, but I had a little extra stuff to do today. The chaplain needed some calls to be made, so I was able to help him out and get some information for him…then I did my usual reading all morning until lunch time. I headed home for lunch, took some Excedrin and rested my neck on a heating pad. Today was another one of those days where I woke up with a killer headache. It didn't go away until late in the afternoon. After I came back from lunch I took a nap in my office, which I think helped with the headache. I was able to hit the gym at about 1545 for a good 45 minute workout before leaving for the day.

I was able to get some schoolwork done and hang out with my wife for the rest of the night. I found out that there is a "Days of Excellence" tomorrow that I have to attend. At least it's here on PHV, so I can drop my wife off at work and then come back to attend it. Hopefully we'll be dismissed afterward, I just have to make it through all the boring training and the longwinded safety briefs. I have to also try and not to get cornered by the command, I really don't feel like getting yelled at tomorrow. We'll see how it goes….

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