Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Half Days Continued - (Germany) Day 372

Last night I had a horrible night of sleep, which has become the norm after every weekend when I have to head back to work the next day. I take forever getting to sleep while my mind wanders, wondering what kind of crazy is going to go on with me and the army. I then wake up periodically looking at the clock, then start the process of falling asleep all over again. It really sucks!

I headed into my office this morning and sat in the conference room for an hour reading my book before the civilian with the key to my office came in. I then sat in my office for another hour reading until the chaplain came in. I was starting to think he took this week off as well, but it turned out he only had physical therapy this morning. We chatted for a bit about this week's schedule and the schedule for next week as well. I headed back to my office and continued to read until 1130…lunch time. As I was telling the chaplain that I was off for lunch, he informed me that we are having half days this week as well. This is great news!

I headed home for lunch, but didn't change out of my uniform. I had an appointment with my primary care physician in order to get my profile extended. I went in at 1400 and after checking my vitals, the doctor asked how everything was going. Because I'm headed to pain management next week and the neurologist in February, there wasn't a whole lot that my doctor needed to do. She gave me another 3 month profile, so I'll be good while I go through all the next steps they'll have me doing trying to get me fixed.

I then headed home for a bit before picking up my wife from work. If I didn't have the appointment, I would have worked out a bit. We'll see how tomorrow's schedule goes. I need to get back in the gym now that the holidays are over.

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