Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Chaplain's Assistant and a Part Time Garbage Man - (Germany) Day 398

This morning I headed into my office and hung out as usual…reading from my iPad waiting until the chaplain came in. It was about 0930 when I was able to chat with him. We went over the schedule for the week and then I headed over to the ComSec office. I needed to ask my boss a few questions.

1. What is the plan for me to get to Landstuhl tomorrow…I need someone to drive me. Another guy has an appointment as well and SGT Mex is going to drive us in a TMP.

2. What is the February staff duty schedule…he gave me a copy and surprisingly I only have it one day that month…and it's not on a weekend. Wow!!

3. During AIC detail yesterday the supervisor told me that I was his for the rest of the time here. Turns out yes, they just forgot to tell me. So every Monday I'm a garbage man and the rest of the week I'm a chaplain's assistant. Just what I signed up to do in the army! I'm super glad I can put my 13 years of technical experience, my certifications, and the hard work in AIT to graduate at the top of the class…all so I don't actually work on computers.

4. Last question was asking if there was a town hall meeting today. The chaplain mentioned it and asked if I'd be going. Why yes there is a town hall meeting at 1300, make sure to be there 15 minutes early.

I headed over to the barber shop after that and got my head shaved. I usually have my wife shave my head, but she's not feeling well and it needed to be done. I headed back and informed the chaplain I'll be busy every Monday from now on and will not be in the office. At least I know ahead of time now and I can plan accordingly. I headed home for lunch and then headed over to the theatre on PHV to attend this town hall meeting. It seems in addition to me not caring about anything anymore, I can't seem to focus either. The meeting started off with the CSM and the brigade commander saying how great the 43rd is and then presented an award to the unit. Lots of posing for pictures, then they were on to the town hall business. I couldn't stay focused at all, I just stared up at the slides…but couldn't concentrate on the actual meeting. The brigade commander was talking about the closure of this base and the deactivation of our unit, but there were no hard facts or numbers. Instead it was all about feelings and stuff.

By the time he was finished and asked if there were any questions the room was silence…only crickets. Finally the CSM asked a question, then a civilian in the audience. When the town hall was finally over I really felt like I had wasted over an hour of my life…but it's the same as sitting in an office just reading my books, or cleaning up garbage…I don't really care. As I thought we were about to be released, the CSM told everyone they could go except the enlisted folks. We all had to gather around him, which is unfortunate at this moment because for the last 15 minutes or so I felt my bladder getting fuller and fuller…the need to pee was imminent and just as I thought I would be able to relieve myself , we get pulled into a semi-circle around the CSM. I guess there was a DUI this last weekend, so we had to all hear about the dangers of alcohol and driving. He said he was only going to be 10 minutes, but 30 minutes later we were finally released…I made a mad dash to the restroom. It's kind of funny, everyone who didn't get into trouble has to stay and hear all that from the CSM…the person that did have the DUI was not even there.

I had planned to stay home after the meeting and get some more of the required training done, but I then found out that the TMP we are going to use tomorrow needed to be dispatched and gassed up. So I took care of that and by the time I was done it was about 1540. I wasn't feeling the greatest (I'm starting to get a sore throat) and because the CSM took a half hour of my time, I figured it was only right to get that back. So I just headed to pick up my wife and call it a day.

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