Sunday, January 27, 2013

Weekend Wrap-Up - (Germany) Day 395 & 396

Saturday: I had staff duty today, so that means I really don't get a weekend at all. I headed to our S-1 office to start my 0800 shift. I ended up trading with a girl from the HHD company because she had a class she needed to attend. This meant I'm doing the shift with an NCO from HHD that I don't know very well at all, I've only seen him around here and there. The first thing he says when we start our shift is "so you're the blogger from 181?". I let him know I'm not blogging any more (publicly at the moment) and he said it's all a bunch of BS. He told me I should keep blogging, just on a different site. I don't think so…I'm not going to risk anyone finding that and having to deal with even more drama. My army life here has turned into one big stress ball because of it. The HHD NCO was a non-stop talker and talked my ear off all the way until lunch time. He was telling me stories of others that have been here in the past and it even got to the point where he said I should reenlist and also go to ranger school. Now that is some crazy advice! The way my body is already starting to fall apart, ranger school would probably be the final blow. Maybe when I was a young lad back in the day I would do something crazy like that, but now that I'm much older and wiser…no thank you.

I had a two hour lunch break that I used to go home and spend with my wife, then I headed back to staff duty and watched a movie called "Undefeated" which seemed to have actors from a wide variety of the shows my wife and I watch all put into one movie. It was a decent movie about a boxer from Queens NY and how his life changes when he hits the big time. I played games on my phone after that until it was time for my two hour dinner break which I used to head home and eat with my wife. The rest of the night at staff duty was pretty chill, just relaxing at the desk playing games on my iPhone and listening to my friends podcast episodes "Tales from the Spacepod".

Sunday: The morning of course was spent finishing up my staff duty shift. As each hour passes I was counting down until 0800 when my shift was done. The last hour seemed to take forever. The replacement NCO showed up, but the runner didn't. So this meant I had to sit there and wait, and wait. I was pissed, mostly because I had been counting down the hours and the minutes until my shift was over, only to find out I have to stay longer. I sat there for a half hour with two NCOs until they finally said I could go…the runner thought he was supposed to come in at 0900.

I headed home and crashed until 1400. When I woke up, I was still in what I call the staff duty fog. I was tired and in a zombie like state for a while as always after a staff duty shift. We had no plans because of the staff duty shift, so my wife and I just hung out and watched shows for the day.

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