Thursday, January 24, 2013

Training at Home - (Germany) Day 393

A picture of my company doing LandNav in the snow...
glad I didn't have to participate in this 

This morning as usual for this week, I drove my wife to work then headed home. I continued on the same training I started yesterday. This is the longest training module I've ever done online. I spent a lot of my morning yesterday on it and today I spent from 0800 until 1115. I finally finished the actual training portion and now have to take the scenario based test, I'll do that tomorrow and hopefully be done with it…then I can move on to the many other modules I still have to complete.

I ate lunch at home and then headed into my office where I did schoolwork until it was time to hit the gym. As I was heading into the gym I ran into SPC Mac and we chatted a bit. It turns out they had sergeant's time training in Landstuhl today and it was LandNav in the snow. He put up some photos on Facebook and everyone looks pretty cold, I'm glad I was never called to join them! Being away from the ComSec office and working with the chaplain has eased my frustration quite a bit. I used to get mad at every stupid thing that came up. Tomorrow is my last day on this great schedule where I get to stay at home until after lunch…I'm going to miss it!

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