Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Driver - (Germany) Day 378

This morning I headed to work and did my normal reading routine, but it was not as long as my usual days. Today I have a mission to accomplish…I'm driving the chaplain to Landstuhl. So a little after 1000, I get the keys to the TMP and check it out making sure it's gas tank is full and such. I then took a very quick lunch, I drove home and quickly ate, then grabbed a snack and a drink to take with me. I headed back to work and at 1125 had the TMP warming up and the GPS set. The chaplain came out and we headed off to Landstuhl. The drive was uneventful, we had some good conversation and arrived a little over an hour after setting off.

I waited in the TMP because there is no way in hell I want to walk around the company headquarters and take the chance of getting cornered by the first sergeant…no thank you. I just waited in the TMP with the radio on and my textbook for school. I got a lot of reading done and some nice relaxation as well. We left at almost 1330 and after getting back and turning in the keys, I headed home. My wife and I just finished watching all three of "The Transporter" series…I'm thinking maybe I should get some driving gloves now that it's become part of my job…LOL.

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