Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Online Training Day - (Germany) Day 385

Self checkout in the commissary closed...figures, it's on a Windows machine
This morning I took my wife to work as usual, but then came back home. Yup, I came back home and took off my uniform top, then sat in front of my computer. I had talked to the chaplain yesterday and because of all the mandatory online training that we are required to do, he said I could start it at home. Home is my only option because I'm not allowed to use any computers at work. I was informed by our security officer that I officially have my actual clearance from the US government, but the local command says I can't use any of their computers. How stupid is that? I haven't touched a computer at work since I got back from Thanksgiving in England, it's the middle of January now! So I have a CAC reader that I hooked up to my computer because most of the training websites I need access to require my ID card to be inserted to verify it's me doing the training and to have access to the website.

The only problem was that it took me a while to get everything working. At first nothing worked with the smart card reader. After a little research I found that I needed to update the firmware on the reader. Then after installing newer drivers, I was ready to go. I did finish a few modules, but let me tell you that all this training is scattered over a number of different websites. Some websites were easy to navigate and find the training, some were extremely difficult. In fact I gave up on a few figuring I'd try them again at a later date. There is so much training that we have to do, it's going to take a while.

I did this until lunch time, after that I met my wife for lunch and then we headed to the EFMP appointment. The appointment was pretty easy, the doctor just said he had to physically see my wife and ask her a few questions. The questions were to find out if she had any special needs that would need to be taken into consideration at another post. She doesn't have any, so after a couple minutes he signed all the papers and we were out of there.

She dropped me off at my office and I read a little as usual. At about 1500 I picked up another office's TMP that I am going to use to drive the chaplain tomorrow. I loaded it up with all the books that I inventoried and boxed up when I first arrived to help out the chaplain. Once that was finished I headed to PT and had a quick workout on the weight machines. Even though it was a quick workout, it was a good one. I wanted to get out a little early because it was snowing and I still needed to fill up the TMP so it would be ready to go first thing in the morning.

I actually didn't see the chaplain at all today, but I got a call from him while I was at home after work. He just wanted to tell me how much he appreciates me and everything I'm doing for him. In fact he said he sent an email to my boss and our CAM to let them know as well. I'm glad I can help him out, and it's good to feel appreciated.

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