Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Good Schedule - (Germany) Day 392

Just another picture of the snow while picking my wife up from work. 
The train station is close by and you can see all the tracks in the background

This morning with my new routine for the week, I drove my wife to work and then came back home. I worked on another flier for the chaplain for about a half hour and then started on with the mandatory online training our company is requiring everyone to do. Normally online army training is pretty easy, go to the training module, click next a bunch of times and then answer a few easy questions. Print out your certificate and you're done. The first module was like this and I finished fairly quickly, but the next one was different. I think they are catching on that nobody actually does the training. This particular training module forces the user to wait until the video is done before you can click the next button. OMG…talk about some boring training, and it's long too. This particular module is about evading capture and what to do if you are captured by the enemy. Why we have to do this as a strategic unit I'm not sure. Just another one of those "we can check the box" training. I know if I end up in a tactical unit that deploys we'll have to do this training all over again, then I would actually pay attention. I couldn't take it too long with this one, I would let the video start, then go do something else until it was done and click next, and then repeat. The problem is that the training is so long I wasn't even able to finish before lunch, so I'll be stuck doing the same module where I left off tomorrow. Oh well…I can't complain too much, I'm at home and comfortable.

I ate lunch and then headed into my office just to show some face time there. I just sat in my office reading from my iPad until it was time to work out. I headed to the gym and had a great workout on the weight machines. With the holiday schedule and driving the chaplain, I haven't been able to get on a normal routine lately and I can feel it.

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