Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Back to Work…Kind of - (Germany) Day 391

This morning I drove my wife to work, but instead of heading to work myself…I headed back home. The chaplain is on leave and he asked me if I could make a couple of fliers for him while he's gone. He knows I can't get on the computers at work, so he said I could take some time and work from home. So I decided I'll spend each morning here at the house and then after lunch spend some time in the office and go work out at the end of the day.

It worked out perfectly, I was able to finish a flier for an upcoming paintball event with a couple of versions for the chaplain to pick from. I then started to try and do some of the mandatory online training that everyone has to do, but after booting up into Windows on my Mac I found out that I needed a number of updates…so I ran all those and got everything ready to go so I can work on the training some tomorrow.

I ate lunch at the house and then headed into work. Not much to do in the office, so I just read on my iPad until it was time to change and head to the gym. I did run over to the ComSec office and drop off the EFMP paperwork to my boss…not a whole lot else to report, a nice easy day. This week should be pretty good!

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