Monday, January 28, 2013

Ho Hum - (Germany) Day 397

This morning I headed into my office and started the usual…sitting in my chair and reading from my iPad. I usually do this until the chaplain comes in and then we discuss any plans that he has for me. As I was sitting there reading away I got a call from my boss at about 0900 and tells me I have AIC detail today…post cleanup (sanitation engineer…garbage man). At first I was a little annoyed, not because I have to play garbage man for a day but because the report time is 0900 and I am just now getting told. So I lock up and head off to my house. I head home first because I need to change into my older uniform and add my army issued "long johns" underneath. It's still a little cold out there and I want to be as comfortable as possible.

I arrived to the AIC detail and met up with the other guy from a different unit that was there to help. We drove a little golf cart that has a miniature truck bed in the back to check out the various garbage cans around post. One of our special missions today was to get the ice out of several garbage cans located near the single soldier barracks. A number of these garbage cans had little or no garbage, but they did have a bunch of water that had frozen into a big block of ice at the bottom of the bag. We had to dump out the block of ice and replace the bag in those. We also had to walk around several areas and pick up garbage that people just throw out. You would think that people on an army base would be cleaner, but I think it's the opposite. People just throw trash anywhere because they know someone will be around to pick up after them.

We had to dispatch both TMPs as well, so we took one to the dispatch center shortly before lunch. Dispatching a TMP just involves taking in the paperwork that is filled out each time a person drives it into the TMP office. The TMP office checks your TMP license and then prints off new paperwork for you to keep in the vehicle. Once this was done I met up with my wife for lunch at the food court.

After lunch we took the other TMP and dispatched it as well. We then finished up another "special mission" which was to take a couple boxes of FOUO (For Official Use Only) paperwork from an office. We transported it to a big locked dumpster used only for this paperwork. This paperwork can't be thrown away and needs to be destroyed…I guess this particular office doesn't own a shredder. When we got back we had to pick up a little more garbage in an area we missed earlier…more cleaning up after messy people…whatever.

The day actually lasted quite a while, by the time we finished it was almost 1600…normal quitting time. One of the perks of doing the AIC detail is that we just go home afterwards, but that wasn't much of a perk today. I picked up my wife from work and we headed home after swinging by the commissary. I have a feeling that I can't really shake lately. A while ago I was very frustrated almost everyday and it seemed that all the stupid little things would always get to me. Then the whole incident with the command and my blog all came up and I was stressed out beyond belief every single day. Now I'm to the point where I don't care. I don't seem to have much emotion at all about anything that's going on. It's a strange feeling…and I'm not sure what to do about it…or even if I should worry about it at all.

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