Thursday, January 31, 2013

False Start - (Germany) Day 400

This morning I headed into my office and tried logging onto the computer for the first time since they suspended my account. I was told that my account has been reactivated, but when I tried to log on…it didn't work. It seems the computer that is in my office has not been turned on in so long that the domain admins took it off the domain for security purposes. Now I have to wait for who knows how long before they put it back on. I was wondering how many emails I was going to have…I guess I'll be wondering a while longer.

I started reading my school textbook for a bit and then got a call from my boss. There is more paperwork needed before they can start the process of getting me ready for the upcoming move when the base closes. I had to head to the transportation office and get a "cost estimate" memo to show how much it will cost to move all my crap. I then had to go to my house (because I have no workable computer) and fill out another form (4187) stating why I need to move…ummmm because the base is closing. I then attached all the paperwork together and emailed it to our S1 office. I headed back into my office and arrived at about 1030. The chaplain was there, so we went over everything that needs to be done this week and next week.

I headed to lunch at home (felt like I was just here) and had some leftover spicy spam fried rice…mmmm. When I headed back into the office I made some phone calls and ran some errands around post for the chaplain. I then finished my homework while I had the chance. At 1530 I get a call from the ComSec office telling me that I need to have all the required training done by tomorrow. I say my computer doesn't even work yet, but they say I have to do it all at home then. WTF? Everyone else got weeks to work on this while they were in the office. I've been able to do some on my home computer because I have my own CAC reader and installed all the necessary software, but I was only given certain hours to do it. This is total BS! I told the chaplain I had to go because I needed to start on this mandatory training. I didn't go to PT…I just picked up my wife and headed home. I started trying to do the training, but got frustrated and just stopped. I'll deal with whatever consequences they have for me. I don't give a crap! I haven't even had computer access since Thanksgiving holiday. They said anyone who doesn't finish the training has to come in and do it this Saturday…that's fine, I'll drag in another NCO and they can sit there and waste their time as well.

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