Thursday, March 3, 2011

Would You Like Cheese With That - (Korea) Day 93

My roommate's side of the room is getting a little out of control.
Hopefully an NCO doesn't come in anytime soon!

Work call this morning was at 0500 again. Same ol' routine in the morning, drive to CP Tango and then get all the secure laptops setup. All the unsecured laptops are just left out and stay on the network, but secure laptops all get put in a huge safe at the end of the night shift. So we have to open the safe and hook them up, not a big deal. It just takes a few minutes, but we try and do it right away so the officers can get to work.

I then helped SPC Roy setup for the morning meetings. Once that was completed I did a little more 25B work, I helped my NCOIC print and set her default printer…lol. Not big stuff, but it's nice to be able to help out people when I can. Seaman surprised me and brought me lunch today. This was an extremely fortunate thing because I totally forgot the snacks that I usually bring. When I was getting ready in the morning I took off without bringing cough drops or anything. He brought me some microwaveable rice, seaweed and Vienna sausages. It was all surprisingly very good. The seaweed was dry and came in very thin slices. The rice was a perfect serving, I need to pick up some of that stuff at the commissary. I thought about a rice cooker at one point, but thought it would be too much of a hassle. These little single serving rice bowls are perfect!

By the time we left for the day on our way out we saw our sergeant coming in for the second shift. I said hi and shook his hand. He yelled at SPC Roy asking why he looked so down. SPC Roy said "I'm tired, I've been working by myself all day". WTF? Even though I've spent some time in the IMO office, I helped him out with every single meeting and probably even did a little more than him while he sat around and pouted. His attitude just really sucks. He's normally a pretty cool guy, but since the exercise started he's been such a whiner. I just rolled my eyes and left. When we got back to the office SPC Roy practically jumped out of the van and left for the day. I had to stick around to help the NCOIC with another computer issue. I'm not sure all the circumstances, but I guess someone else wanted a desktop out at the exercise. There was a spare one in the conference room office, so I went and grabbed it. I hauled it down and then we walked over to the tech building. They found out I was a 25B and asked what I do here. I told them "I serve coffee" LOL. When we got in they told our NCOIC that they didn't have an image for it, only laptops. I thought our NCOIC was going to blow a gasket. I ended up taking the desktop back to the conference room office while she vented to the tech folks for a while.

After that I had to check out our office car for the week at the TMP. This includes driving it to TMP, filling it up with gas, washing it and having the inspector sign off on it. Then I have to get new paperwork for the week. Once that was done I headed back to the office and dropped off the car. Now it's 1600 and I finally get to go back to my barracks. I wonder if I should help SPC Roy with anything tomorrow? I'm sure I will…I'm not a Blue Falcon.

Since I was late I decided to just video chat with my wife and skip the workout tonight. I'll get back on point tomorrow. Tomorrow is Friday, but I hear we have to work for a bit on Saturday as well. If so that will mean I've worked at least a partial day every day this week.

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