Thursday, March 31, 2011

31 Below - (Korea) Day 121

It's interesting the things you come across when in another country.
I have never seen Aloe juice was pretty good!

Work call this morning was at our normal time…0830, it's nice to have a somewhat slow week this week. When I arrived to work not a whole lot was going on. I helped out SPC Mick wrap some frames. Our office is also in charge of all the awards that go out, so we end up putting certificates with medals and coins in frames for the award. Normally this is something our KATUSA does, but he's now on leave. The frames were all done, they just needed to be wrapped in order to protect them.
I did a little 25B work as well. I am now getting computer and network related emails. I was informed that we have a laptop that will be quarantined unless it receives some updates. Luckily it was a secret laptop and we don't have too many of those, so it was pretty easy to find. I hooked it up to the network and waited. We also had another one that is an unclassified machine and I wasn't so lucky finding it. It seems only about half of our computers are labeled with their name on them, so it can be a little hard to find. If it's turned on I can check the name in the OS, but if it's not I will have to turn it on and then check. I didn't have a chance to check our sister offices yet, so it looks like I may be visiting them tomorrow.

We setup a meeting this afternoon in a conference room located over in the 8th army building. I hadn't been over there yet since we don't do meetings there very often. The building is nice and you can't even get in without a card and a code which none of us have, so we have to wait for someone to open the door for us. The setup was quick and painless, then we headed out to lunch. We went to a KATUSA snack bar and I had a pretty good dish…I just can't remember the actual name of it. It comes out in a sizzling hot bowl and is a mix of rice, beef and vegetables. Good stuff!

When we got back SPC Roy and I took off to go to PT. Before PT we headed to Baskin n' Robbins, they have a new item called 31 below which is basically a blizzard treat like they have at Dairy Queen. I love those things. I bought one for me and SPC Roy. Am I a bad influence on him? He didn't want to go work out right away and I wanted desert. He ended up dropping me off at my room and promised he would go home and work out in the gym that's in his building. I thought about working out, but decided to take a day off. I'm still coughing quite a bit and need to get better before my PT test. When I walked in my room there was an odd smell…it smelled like a swimming pool. I looked around and found the shower curtain pulled away from the bathtub. All of our soap was on the floor as well. After closer inspection I saw that the black mold that had been accumulating inside the shower wall was gone. I'm grateful for the cleanup, but I think they should have at least warned us that they will be doing this. When living in barracks you are at the mercy of whoever is in charge and they don't really care about your privacy, they just do what they want when they want. I have the window open and the fan going in the bathroom, but that smell of chlorine is just not going away. So much for breathing easier.

I did schoolwork and then took a nap. After waking up I decided to watch a movie again. To continue on my Rambo theme I watched "Rambo First Blood Part II". Ahhh it was fun to watch. It was pretty funny watching some of the scenes because it's old and some of the acting is a little sub-par. Lots of action though, blood and guts, things blowing up and communists dying. Basically Rambo gets out of prison so he can do a recon mission in Vietnam to see if there are any POWs left there. He is betrayed by the guy in charge and left out there to die. He ends up rescuing them all and bringing them back to safety after killing all the bad guys and blowing up almost everything. Fun times.

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