Monday, March 7, 2011

Beards & Guts - (Korea) Day 97

This is the only image I could find that closely resembles
the insignia the civilians are wearing. The only difference is 
that the triangle is bigger and takes up most of the square.

Work call this morning was at 0500. We loaded up and headed out to CP Tango. The admin master sergeant was sporting her new gift from our colonel… A travel coffee mug with a lid. He said he has had it for a long time and was told to give it to someone, only he gave it to her a day late. There will be no spilling on the colonel this morning.

I setup the laptops for everyone, then we setup for the morning meeting again as usual. I forgot to mention this before, but some of the briefers here have on army uniforms. They are civilians, but since they are part of the exercise they have to wear the uniform. I find myself doing a double take sometimes when I see a dude with a big gut and a full on beard or goatee walking down the hall. Instead of a rank patch they have a small triangle that says US.

SPC Roy took off early today to take his son to an appointment, so it was just me to clean up from the morning meeting and setup for another smaller meeting in the top secret conference room. I was able to do that, but I started to work up a sweat going back and forth to the conference rooms. I hate setting up a conference table when folks are already there. I have to try and work around all their crap and then make sure I have everything out there that is needed…there is also a little sense of urgency to get it all done quickly to get outta there.

I was asked if I could setup the color printer next door on a couple of the laptops and I thought "no problem". I went next door (the command group). It's secure, so I have to knock on the door and be let in. The sergeant in there was very helpful and gave me a sheet with the printer's IP address on it as well as a disk with all the drivers on it. When I got back to our office I started to set it up, but needed the local admin password. I checked with our admin master sergeant and she didn't know it. She called the IMO and I guess the previous IMO didn't share that information. This is a little crazy…nobody knows the local admin username or password! We were able to call some guys from J6 to come give us a hand. The guy that came in had a "god card" which he could log into the machine as an admin and have his way with it. He installed the printer on three of our laptops. A 25B came in with him (an augmentee from further down south in Korea). We were talking and found out that we were in the same company at Fort Gordon for AIT. We had some of the same platoon sergeants. (one of which is here at Yongsan by the way…I hope I don't run into that evil bitch!)

After heading back from CP Tango I worked out a bit, then video chatted with my wife. I then did my nightly routine of schoolwork, a little studying for my re-certification exam and some TV shows. I found out there is a pool right above our barracks, my KATUSA roommate visits it often. I'm going to have to check that out…or at least the hot tub. It sounds very relaxing!

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