Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Hangman - (Korea) Day 98

I took a pic of this guy because I was amazed at how many smart phones he had on his
scooter. There were at least 4 that I could see. Motorcycles and scooters like this are seen
quite a bit in Korea. You will see packages and all kinds of things on the backs. Sometimes
they carry so much it makes you laugh because the load is bigger than the bike itself...this
particular guy's load isn't too bad.

Work call this morning was at 0500 as usual for the exercise. I left in the first van like always, but Seaman was coming in place of the admin master sergeant. He didn't get in the first van, so when we arrived at CP Tango I was unable to get all the laptops out of the safe and setup. So I setup the conference room for the first meeting. When I was done Seaman had arrived and had the laptops out and setup. SPC Roy arrived a bit later and was surprised to find out he didn't have to do anything because the conference room was already setup.

It turned out to be a pretty easy going day. Our sergeant major was in the IMO room working on the secret computer all day, so I stayed out (not enough room for me and Seaman to be in there with her). I read the newspaper for a while and then spent most of the day playing hangman with SPC Roy. We cleaned up the conference room after the meetings were over and then ate an MRE for lunch. During lunch SPC Roy described one of the first times he visited his future in-laws house here in Korea. They were eating a family dinner and out of the blue his future father-in-law farted really loud. Everyone kept eating as if nothing happened. SPC Roy didn't know what to do and eventually started laughing. Now every time he goes over there it turns into a farting contest between the two of them. It was a pretty funny story, the way he was describing it had everyone cracking up.

When the day was over we headed back to the office. We arrived back after taking the scenic route. I thought the NCOIC was going to drive me nuts. The entire trip I had her behind me being a backseat driver constantly telling the driver what to do. I wanted to turn around and slap her and I wasn't even driving.

When I got back SPC Roy asked if I could come with him to the PX and then the commissary. I took him up on the offer so I could pick up some stuff as well. After getting well supplied I got back to my room and video chatted with my wife. No working out today since I got back late. I did a tiny bit of schoolwork and then had to lay down for a bit. I could barely keep my eyes open. I'm going to have to try and get to sleep earlier tonight.

After a little nap I got up and played around on the computer a bit before going to bed for real.

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