Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Roy on the Rag - (Korea) Day 92

I haven't had much to take pictures of lately...this is my view most of the time
when riding back and forth to CP Tango in the van :)

Work call this morning was at 0500. We ended up leaving the office about 20 minutes later. The master sergeant from admin didn't come this time, instead she sent her assistant who is in the navy. He's a little Vietnamese dude who has a thick accent. I have to really pay attention to him to understand what he's saying…I'll call him seaman. Seaman and I setup the secure laptops for the officers and then I was off helping SPC Roy get the meetings setup. There was a number of meetings in the morning back to back which I think stressed out SPC Roy a bit.

After the meetings I actually did a little 25B work. Our sergeant major in the office asked if I could figure out why one of the extra laptops wasn't working. I checked and found that the laptop was fine, but the network cable was bad. I didn't have any supplies or tools to fix it, but the there is a network group at CP Tango that was able to put a new RJ45 end on the cable to fix it (the previous one was pretty corroded). I also helped our NCOIC in the office get her email working. All pretty basic stuff that I used to do on a daily basis before joining the army and what I thought I would be doing after I joined…lol.

Speaking of me doing 25B work and being in the little IMO office…it is driving SPC Roy nuts. He really hates that I'm not out there with him even if it's doing nothing except sitting at the table. I think because the master sergeant IMO wasn't here today he felt like he had to explode a little. He freaked out a bit and told me I can't go in the little IMO office any more. He went on to say I was SPC Short's replacement (a 42A mind you) and not an IMO. He started to go off a little more and the sergeant major told him to shut up. I don't know what he wants me to do, I'm just doing what I've been told. All he has to do is ask me for help anytime he needs it and I drop everything I'm doing to give him a hand. I know he hates his job and can't wait to be reassigned, but he needs to learn how to keep his cool. I'm very easy going…perhaps to a fault, but he needs to find some middle ground. Stress is no good and being mad at people doesn't do anything positive for you. I'll have to play it by ear and see what I should do tomorrow. I don't really care, just tell me what to do and I'll do it. I just can't have two people telling me to do two different things.

We setup in a small top secret conference room this morning, so I got to see a bit more of CP Tango. The place has normal hallways like in any office building, then you turn and go down another hallway and instead of a wall it's just solid rock. I guess you have to be reminded now and again you're inside a mountain. There are doors all over the place that look like they can be shut and locked tight. They are so big that I think it would take some heavy explosives to take them out. Every day walking around in there I just keep thinking I'm on a movie set or something. Pretty crazy!

I think the conditioned air in CP Tango, or perhaps the small office with a number of people in it is making me sick. I started getting a scratchy throat last night. I took some extra vitamins and bought some cough drops today. I really don't want to get sick…what a downer. I went to the food court tonight with my laptop with all intentions of downloading a ton of crap (so it wouldn't count towards my own bandwidth). After sitting down with my food I found that their internet was down. Poop! Well I had a good dinner with some vegetables (really trying not to get sick).

Went back to my room and did some school work and checked my email before watching some TV shows and then going to bed. Maybe I should've picked up some Midol for SPC Roy while I was at the PX earlier today…hmmmm.

We got off at 1400 and SPC Roy and I sat in the vans waiting for the rest of the office to leave. It took everyone a good half hour to get out to the vans. We drove back to the office and I ended up in my barracks about 1530. I went to the gym (I have a PT test coming up sometime this month) and then video chatted with my wife. I'm going to take the rest of the night off and relax, I'll start homework again tomorrow.

From what I understand, we will have to get used to those little fits from higher-ups, even though he's not even a NCO.

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