Monday, March 28, 2011

Noisy Liver - (Korea) Day 118

A photo I took back during the exercise of SPC Roy hanging out in the Van.

Work call this morning was at 0830. I met up with SPC Mick and we headed to work. Once we arrived SPC Mick started talking to our sergeant. Me and our KATUSA went down to our secret conference room and setup for a meeting. By the time we were done SPC Mick and Roy came in. SPC Mick got to see what it is that we do in our office…LOL. The final product of a meeting setup with name tags complete with coffee and water. Like me, little did he know when he arrived in Korea that he would not be doing the job he just spent months in training for. Instead he would be doing coffee and water setup. When I saw the look on his face I had to laugh because I had that same look of disbelief just a few months ago.

After the meeting SPC Roy took the new folks for in-processing. I checked my email and updated our events calendar. SPC Roy came back and wanted to head to lunch. We headed to the food court and he was a little grumpy. He gets that way from time to time, but when he told me what was to come I knew it was going to much worse. He went to see an herbal south Korean doctor. The doctor told him that something is wrong with his lungs and his liver…he could hear it. Now I know you can hear issues with lungs, but a liver? Anyway SPC Roy is now going to quit smoking…tomorrow. He is also starting a new diet complete with some sort of herb drink. He also can't drink any coffee. I told him maybe he should have started in a week or so when he moves to the other office.

When we got back I took our new captain over to the company to in-process. We then headed over to battalion and I hear him say "You may wanna get over here". I see that he's talking to me, but I wonder why. I'm on his right side and there is a car coming, so I'm thinking I'm pretty safe sir. If that car comes and gets too close it will hit you and not me, I'm liking my spot…it seems a bit safer. Then he says "When walking you are supposed to be to the left of the person that is higher ranking". Oh poop! I quickly get to his left and we keep walking.

After helping the new captain find certain shops in battalion I headed back to the office and started working on a SkillPort. Our sergeant then came over and started talking about how he's there to help us all out. He then asks SPC Mick who just got back with SPC Roy how his PT was. SPC Mick said his sit-ups could use a little work. Our sergeant then proceeds to have SPC Mick get down on the floor and start showing him how he does sit-ups. Our sergeant gives him suggestions and pointers, then tells our KATUSA to time him for two minutes and let him know how many sit-ups SPC Mick does. LOL…here we are in the middle of the office and our brand new guy is doing a sit-up test. He did 40, which I don't think is passing for his age group…but I'm feeling a little too lazy to find out how much he failed it by.

We clean up the office and then head back to the barracks. SPC Roy and Special K come with us. We all go to SPC Mick's room and give him an inspection. The guy doesn't have much yet, so it's pretty easy. I go to my room and start eating dinner. SPC Roy comes over and asks if I want to come out and watch him smoke his last cigarette. I tell him I want to finish my food first while it's still warm…he can't wait and takes off to go smoke it. I have a feeling tomorrow is not going to be fun for him…or anyone that is around him.

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