Friday, March 25, 2011

New Folks - (Korea) Day 115

Work call this morning was at 0700…uggghhh. Luckily I went to bed so early last night that when I woke up I had plenty of rest. I thought it would be just me and our KATUSA working because all of the 42A folks had some mandatory training this morning. I started setting up for our first meeting (a KUB). After a while of being alone I had to assume our KATUSA was not coming in either. I setup the entire meeting which wasn't a big deal, it just happened to be the first time I had setup one by myself. When I was almost finished Special K came in and said Hi. I asked him why he wasn't at his training and with a look of shock on his face, he turned around and ran out the door. He had totally forgot about it…LOL I ended up staying through the entire meeting flipping slides and then cleaning up when it was over. Luckily this was the only meeting scheduled for the day.

I went to the computer and printed off my 5 SkillPort certificates for our sergeant, but he never came to work. He had an appointment off post and never came back. Our KATUSA covered his desk and I covered it while our KATUSA went to lunch. After I took lunch I watched some more basketball, then was called down to help stock office supplies. I was wondering where SPC Roy and Special K were after their training. Turns out they were out getting office supplies and now we had to get them delivered to our various offices.

A big surprise we found out later in the day was that we had 3 new people that arrived and were ready to be picked up from reception. SPC Roy went and picked them all up and brought them back to the office where introductions were made with all the officers. I believe we will get two of them, one to replace one of our captains who is leaving and one will be replacing SPC Roy who is being transferred out of our office so he can get some experience doing his real 42A job. Turns out that accommodations were not all made for them, so that had to be straightened out right away. Then they all went to get issued cell phones and after 1700 came and went SPC Roy gave me the office car keys and told me I had to take care of them because his wife was on post and he had to leave. Gotta love being a private.

When they were all finally done I gave them all a ride back to reception where the captain had me drop him off at the Dragon Hill Hotel. The specialist (We'll have to call SPC Mick) had all his bags packed at reception, so I helped him load everything into the car. I then dropped the sergeant off at the reception barracks where she will be staying for the weekend at least. SPC Mick was able to get a room in the barracks across from mine. I helped him find his room and then unload all his bags. I then drove him back to the office so I could return the keys and show him how to get back and forth from the office to the barracks. I then showed him where the PX was (so he could pick up a pillow and sheets & a blanket) as well as the food court and mini mall. I remember my first days here and how SPC Short helped me out quite a bit. I want to make sure I do the same for this guy. I made sure he had my number and knew where my room was in case he needs anything this weekend.

I then went to my room and relaxed. Still not feeling well and wanting to go to bed early and recover, I had to turn down both the young hawaiian and PFC Pickle's offers to go out tonight. I then did some schoolwork and then went to bed….sleep has never felt so good.

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