Wednesday, March 23, 2011

ROK SCJS - Day 113

Our sergeant presenting the ROK SCJS soldier with a plaque on his last day of work.

Work call is at 0730, I get up with plenty of time…but I find just moving is very difficult. I take a shower and shave, but I then have to lay down for a bit to rest. My head hurts, my throat is sore, my chest is sore, I've coughed so much I may be getting the abs of steel, my skin hurts, and I just feel fatigued. I'm not sure how I'm going to make it through the day today.

I get to work and luckily there is not much going on, I head to the control room and just sit and watch a little NBA. The lights are out and I just sit back and relax for a few hours. When I make it down to a computer in the office later on I find out that the exchange server is down. Without email not a lot can get done around here. I hear one of the officers yell "how can we fight a war without email?" LOL.

I took off with SPC Roy a little before lunch to order a plaque for a ROK SCJS soldier. (The ROK SCJS is our counterpart on the ROK side. We actually have connecting offices and interact with them quite a bit). We then stopped by the PX so I could restock on cough drops and other drugs. I got one for chest congestion and coughing, hoping it will help. Maybe in combination with my DayQuil and airborne they can work some magic. I also picked up some Korean ramen at the shoppette for my lunch. I figured soup would be a good choice. I didn't eat breakfast this morning or even dinner last night. In fact I haven't been eating much of anything since I've been sick.

My coughs are getting so violent they are starting to hurt. I'm half expecting blood or perhaps actual pieces of my lungs to start flying out of my mouth as I'm coughing. I almost threw up a few times after coughing so much….Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that I have diarrhea too. If I'm still feeling this way tomorrow I'm going to have to go to sick call.

I headed back to work and helped setup a meeting, then had to rest for a while once again. I then went with SPC Roy to pick up his car from the shop and help him return the rental car. He kept asking me if I was OK enough to drive…I assured him I could do it (It's only a mile or so). After we finished we were able to pick up the finished plaque we ordered earlier in the day. We headed back to the office and I did a couple more SkillPorts (2 more down…one more before the end of the week)

We all had to stay after 1700 for an awards ceremony for the SCJS ROK soldier. This guy is a pretty cool guy who is always helpful. His two years is finally up and he will be leaving the army. He was given an award and a special plaque just to say thanks for his two years of great service.

When I got back to my room I laid down for an hour or so. My roommate came home and asked if I wanted some medicine. At this point I would have taken anything and when he handed me a little baggy with some Korean writing on it filled with about 7 different kinds of pills I took it and ate them all. I then laid back down and went to sleep again around 2000.

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