Thursday, March 24, 2011

Drink It Out - (Korea) Day 114

On the roof cleaning our battle rattle with our sergeant's secret
recipe of warm water, dish soap, and scrub brushes.

Work call this morning was at 0830…our normal time. I love it when this happens :). I was able to get quite a bit of sleep last night. I woke up still pretty sick, but I felt different…I feel like I'm finally turning the corner. The cough still hurts pretty bad though. When I feel it coming on I dread the moment that I have to actually cough because I know the pain is coming along with it.

When I got to work I found that the Exchange server was back up, so I could now use my email. It's kind of strange being on the other side of the equation. For so long I've been the guy who gets called when the server goes down and when it's one that is as important as the mail server…there is a lot of stress involved. I know there were guys somewhere freaking out trying to get it back up and running all the while with generals calling every 5 minutes wondering why it's not up yet. That is a stress I haven't missed.

I was able to get all signed up for my IMO class now that I had all my emailed documents available to me. I was also able to get my "God Card" working. The "God Card" allows me admin access to all the computers when I use it to log in. This way I can actually fix some problems! Not sure exactly what I'm allowed to do yet with my new powers, that is what the IMO class will be for…that and I'm sure other procedural type things. We'll see.

As I was at the computer working I hear my sergeant call me over. I log off and head over to see my co-workers in full battle rattle. He tells me to hurry up and get mine on too. I grab all my gear and get it on, then we all walk outside. There is an exercise going on by the honor guard. They all have on full battle rattle and have various checkpoints setup around our parking lot along with Humvees, barricades, and constantine wire (kind of like barbed wire's nasty mean older step brother). I then find out the SPC Roy sped through a checkpoint this morning and also said something to one of the guards. Well that is just great, now we all get to do "corrective training" because of SPC Roy. We had to stand and listen to the honor guard tell us all about the importance of army checkpoints detail by detail. We then helped them clean up the area and put all their checkpoint gear away since the exercise was over. I'm glad this "corrective training" didn't include push-ups or any other physical exercise…with my sickness I would have been hating life.

After all the nice training I went into our conference control room and watched some NBA. After a while our sergeant came up and told us we had some more planned training to do. This training showed us his special technique in cleaning our battle rattle. His technique…using warm water, dish soap, and a scrub brush. So we all sat out on the roof and cleaned our battle rattle.

After we finished it was time to get back to my seat in the control room and watch some college basketball. I sat back and relaxed until it was time to clean up the office and leave for the day. I'm so glad we have a slow week this week…I guess it's the perfect week to be sick. I was then told that I needed to go with my sergeant and SPC Roy to the Navy Club for a couple of drinks. "The hard liquor will help me get better…it will kill all the germs". LOL I wasn't going to over do it, so I just had two drinks and then headed back to my room. I laid down for an hour, but then had to get up and do some school work. I really wish I had this class off, it's hard to do anything because I've been so sick. I really can't wait to feel better…I hate being sick.

My roommate is now starting to get sick as well. I was wondering if he was going to be able to avoid it. Our room isn't that big and there's not much I can do except cover my cough and wash my hands. I took his medicine once again. This time I had to ask him what exactly I was taking and he said they were mainly vitamins and some will also help reduce fever. That's good…I started to freak out a little today hoping I didn't accidentally take some sort of drug that I shouldn't have. I'm going to sleep early once again…I can't wait until the weekend. I think I may stay in my room quite a bit and just relax!

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