Friday, March 11, 2011

Last Day of the Augmentees - (Korea) Day 101

This isn't really a picture of my "DMZ" water that I'm drinking. It's a photo of the printer
technician we had to pick up at the gate...the only description we had..."a long haired Korean
with glasses...he looks like a dumb ass" Unfortunately his face is a bit blurry.

Work call this morning was at 0530. We had to setup our conference room and then get down to the secret conference room and get it setup. Today's meeting was a huge one with a number of generals from both the US and ROK attending for the AAR of the exercise.

After all was setup and finished I headed to the bathroom. Usually this is not a big issue, but when I came out and went in the office there was nobody there. I thought to myself…this is a little strange. A few minutes later my phone rang and I was told to come outside. When I came out I saw our office and all the augmentees in formation. Holy cow…I hate coming late to formations even if I wasn't even told about this one. It turned out to be a little awards ceremony for everyone doing a great job during the exercise. We all received a certificate of achievement which is actually worth promotion points. We were also told that they would have liked to give out more coins, but they were very limited in number. The certificate was a nice surprise. Our colonel along with our sergeant major came through and shook hands with everyone, thanking them and giving us the certificates.

After that we gathered some augmentees and returned the vans to the TMP now that the exercise is over. Everyone went up in our conference room after and we ate pizza that was provided for us. We hooked up our sergeant's laptop and started watching the action flick "Salt" with Angelina Jolie. A movie that starts off in North Korea ironically. It's about the CIA and sleeper spies. It is full of action and fun to watch. Unfortunately about half way through a sergeant came in and said they just reserved the conference room for a two star general in about 10 minutes! WTF! So much for sitting back and relaxing. I hurried everyone out and cleaned up all the pizza boxes.

SPC Roy then told me to get the GOV keys and we headed out. He had to go to the finance office to take care of some business and then we headed to the gate to pick up a printer technician. Special K told us to look for a long haired Korean guy with glasses. We checked all around and had no luck. When we called back to get more of a description and perhaps a phone number for the guy we were told "he looks like a dumbass". Great…that's going to help a lot. SPC Roy was about to lose it, he was getting really frustrated since it was approaching 1700 and he wanted to leave. Special K then told us he would be arriving via taxi and we finally found the guy. I escorted him on post which means I have to escort him back in order for him to get his ID back. I asked Special K when we got back to the office how long he usually takes and he said "oh about an hour and a half". Great…this is going to be one long day. Surprisingly our KATUSA, Special K and SPC Roy stayed in the office with me until the technician was through. We copied movies off the sergeant's laptop to check out and surfed Facebook. When he was finished SPC Roy and I escorted him back off post. When all was said and done we had all worked a 14 hour day…so much for getting off early today. At least we have a three day weekend now.

I went back to the barracks and did my schoolwork, then watched an old classic called Mad Max. The sergeant had all the Mad Max movies on his drive and I hadn't seen them in a long long time. Mad Max is the prequel to "The Road Warrior" staring Mel Gibson. It is set in the future and shows Mad Max dealing with being a "cop" and then dealing with the death of his family by a biker gang. It's a little slower than I remember and a lot cheesier than I remember too…lol. I could barely keep my eyes open after that so I went to sleep. I think I was asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow.

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