Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Sweat it Out - (Korea) Day 112

This post and the next few posts are being updated a little late, I had been so sick during this week that I just couldn't stay up to update the blog. I should be back up to date by the end of the weekend.

Work call this morning was at 0800, still too early when I'm feeling this bad. I walked to work with my bag of over the counter medications. I felt a little better than yesterday, but still pretty sick. When I arrived at work I took over flipping slides for a KUB that was going on so Special K could go run an errand.

After the KUB I cleaned up and then then did some SkillPorts. I really didn't want to do much of anything, but we have to have 5 SkillPorts done each week…so I really don't have a choice. I then did something a little stupid…I went and played basketball during lunch. I thought maybe I could sweat out the sickness. (It didn't work) I was hacking and coughing the whole time.

I was able to head over to S1 to try and get my ERB updated now that I had my actual A+ and Network+ certificates printed out. When I arrived I started signing in as I have in the past, but I was quickly stopped and told I need to have a "customer service sheet" filled out by my company before I can sign in and get my ERB updated. Really? I've never had to do this before. So I walk over to the company and request a sheet, fill it out and head back over to S1. I then sign in and a PFC helps me out. I ask him if he needs my little customer service sheet and he says no. That was a waste of time. Anyway I got my ERB updated and was good to go…. I'm official now.

Our office got an invite to go on a trip to Jeju island. I guess it's the "Hawaii of South Korea". The price was very inexpensive, but when I checked it was during the same week I plan on attending my IMO class. Bummer. I think I would have enjoyed that trip.

When I got back to my barracks after work I was feeling pretty sick. I figured the best thing I could do was to go to bed early, so I let my roommate know and crashed about 2000

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