Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Back to Ball - (Korea) Day 119

Celebrating Seaman's birthday! Seaman with the ceremonial birthday
candle and his ice cream with our colonel to the left and our sergeant to the right

Work call this morning was at 0800, a bit earlier than our usual time…but still not too bad. I was still able to get up and get ready, then video chat with my wife for a bit. When I got to work I helped our KATUSA finish setting up for the first meeting. I then flipped slides in the control room. It was a KUB meeting and took an extremely long time. I ended up having Special K take over for me because I had to go play basketball during our lunch break.

Basketball was pretty good. I was a little worried since I haven't done anything for a week except be sick. I still have a cough, but I didn't let that stop me. We had SPC Roy, our sergeant, our air force master sergeant, Seaman from the admin office and a sergeant from the command group upstairs. Got a good sweat going and my team won two out of three. After basketball I showered in my room and then went to the PX with SPC Roy to get a birthday card for Seaman. When we got back to the office we also picked up some ice cream from the Sweat 'n Treat which is almost next door. I put the ice cream in the fridge and the card in the plastic shopping bag on my sergeant's desk. (more on that in a second)

I then logged into a computer and updated the events calendar. I then let SPC Mick use it while I was logged in, so he could complete the required IA training. You have to complete the training in order to be able to log into the network here, but in order to complete the training…you have to have a computer with internet access. I then went with SPC Roy to the company to turn in some paperwork and while we were out we looked around for his new office that he'll be moving to. We may or may not have found it, just not quite sure.

When we got back SPC Mick finally finished his training and printed out his certificate. Our sergeant then asked me where I put the birthday card. I told him it was in the bag on his desk. He said he threw it away as there was nothing in it. So me and our KATUSA had to start looking through all the garbage because we had already gathered it all up for the day. A few minutes later we find out that Special K had already removed it from the bag and had everyone sign it. D'oh! So they call Seaman down to our office and we all sing happy birthday to him. He got the ceremonial candle along with the card and ice cream.

After that our sergeant gathered us all in his office. First he asks me if I enjoyed basketball today…I look at him a little funny and say yes…except for the excessive coughing. He then goes on to say that I dunked over him…then he revises it and says I snuck around him and dunked. I would call it more of a tip in on a missed shot where my fingers were on the rim than a dunk. He said after I did it I turned and looked at him…like yeah boy! I don't quite remember that, but I think he may give me a few more lowered shoulders and hard drives next time we go out there. Our meeting continued and he went on to state that we are all doing a great job. We will be doing a PT test soon and when June 1st comes there will be a lot of changes army wide. He wants to make sure we all succeed and wants to push us to do the best we can. It was basically a pep talk, but also a reality check letting us know that we are in charge of our destiny and we need to make sure we do what we can in order to get promoted. Most of it was for the Specialists there because there is not much I can do except wait.

I headed back to my room and did schoolwork as usual. There was no time to do SkillPort at the office, so I did one in my room. I then cleaned up a bit. My side of the room is clean, but my roommate's is still a mess. I guess Housing is taking over control of the barracks tomorrow from our company. They will come in and do an inspection and then have us re-sign for all our furniture. I hear our 1st sergeant is going to be here and I don't want any extra attention on our room. I'm hoping my roommate does a little before tomorrow. Everyone else in the office has a work call of 0630, but I have to be at my room at 0800…so I'll not be going in that early, I'll be waiting until everything is finished with my room.

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