Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Women (AIT - Fort Gordon) Day 47

Today was a pretty normal day…so let's talk about the women here. Let me start with a disclaimer… everything I'm about to say is just from my perspective as an outsider looking in. It is also just a mass generalization. Even though there are no women at RBK they are still at Charlie company and in class, so I still interact and see them quite a bit each day. I'm not that young buck anymore and I'm married so I don't flirt with the girls here. Don't get me wrong, I do talk to the girls here, but most of it is class related as I don't have much else in common with most of them. 

The ratio of men to women here is about 10 men to every 1 woman. The women just love this. They get attention from all kinds of guys all the time. In the normal world I don't think you would see this happening. It doesn't matter that a lot of them aren't even attractive, they have guys talking with them and flirting with them all day long. (You have to understand that all these guys have been in basic training for the last 9 weeks, they have not been able to interact too much - or at all if they are from Ft. Benning - with anyone of the opposite sex) These young guys have hormones raging and have nothing on their mind except sex. Now I'm not going to say they all sleep around, but appearances are there… and rumors fly. Who knows what actually goes on. It also doesn't seem to matter if they're married or not, they go out and party along with everyone else. There are stories of rape that has gone on in the past, the sergeants always emphasize staying in battle buddy teams even when off post because of this. Alcohol gets involved and then everything goes crazy. 

I know I don't think I would want my wife in the army if we were a young married couple. The overwhelming temptation all the time and the situations that arise is not a good environment for that new relationship. 

I'm no saint, I'm just older and wiser now.

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