Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Another Test Day (AIT - Fort Gordon) Day 61

This morning we did an ability group run for PT. This is the first time since basic that we’ve done this. It is nice because it lets the fast people go at their fast pace and the slow pokes like me still run and get a work out, but we don’t slow down the fast folks and we don’t fall out of the big group runs. I ran in C group (the slow pokes), but I’m definitely not the slowest...that is for sure. We even had some guys fall out of our group run. Our run had a little twist to it, about half way through the run we pulled over to a field and did 42 push-ups and 50 sit-ups. After that “break” from running we turned around and ran back. It was a pretty good workout for sure. I hear we are going to be in for a lot more tough workouts because PVT Celtic’s dad was visiting this last weekend. His dad is a Lt. Colonel and when he was talking to sergeant Kent he mentioned that his son said the PT here is a joke (which PVT Celtic denies saying). So I think we’re all going to be screwed!

After PT we got ready and had our nice slow breakfast. We were joined by a captain and her husband (a major). Usually I would feel a bit uncomfortable having officers sit next to us, but both of these officers were chaplains. Chaplains are always very nice and personable when talking to them.

We headed out from breakfast to the IET center and shortly after we arrived it started pouring down rain. Luckily there is a little covered area at the entrance where we could wait until they opened. Once they opened we all went in and assumed our nap positions. Gotta love nap time!

After lunch we headed to class. Today is test day for Windows Server 2008. Once we got to class we had an hour to prepare for the test...everyone just kind of sat around and chatted with each other. Once test time started we had two hours to finish. The test consisted of 5 multiple choice questions, then installing Windows 2008 Server and configuring some features on it as well as setting up some user accounts and groups. Pretty straight forward stuff. I finished first and headed over to the student break area where we had to wait until everyone was done and the instructor finished grading all the tests.

After about an hour and a half we were told to head back to class where we were shown our grade and signed the grade sheet. I scored 100%! Once everyone signed we got another 20 minute break so the instructor could take the grade sheets to the office. Once break was over we cleaned up around the building and in the classroom.

After dinner I went to Charlie company (which I usually avoid at all costs) so I could turn in my leave request. For some crazy reason we have to turn in our LES (Leave & Earnings Statement) and a Google Map showing where we will be staying. This is something that totally baffles me, but I had my wife mail me everything I needed since getting a printer here is a bit of a pain in the butt. So it’s all turned in and I’m ready to get outta this place and spend some quality time with my wife on Labor Day weekend. I can’t wait!!

Rest of the day consisted of marching back to RBK and taking a much needed shower. You can sweat here doing nothing but standing in formation.

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