Monday, August 23, 2010

Weekend Wrap Up (AIT - Fort Gordon) Days 66 & 67

This water tower is a landmark we always use to find RBK. It's located
right behind our barracks and can be seen pretty much from
everywhere we walk on base.

I’m combining the weekend this time because not a lot really happened...

Saturday - We woke up a little early for a Saturday because we were told our rooms would be inspected at 8AM. That ended up getting pushed back until 10AM, so we cleaned up anyway and then attended the 8:30 formation. This formation was one of my favorites since I’ve been here. The sergeant called roll and then just said “have a good day”. That was it, short and sweet. We then ended up having a room inspection a little earlier at about 9:45 which was fine. The sergeant came in and checked each of the “problems” that were on the list. Our room was good to go. Now it’s laundry time and study time.

A pretty boring day all in all. The only excitement was the little trip we made to the PX with a stop at a Chinese restaurant on the way for lunch. I didn’t even need to pick up anything, but PFC Metal needed some detergent, so I tagged along just to get out of the barracks for a bit. We ended up ordering pizza for dinner. With the RFAC being closed on the weekend we have to walk over to the Charlie DFAC if we want to eat for free. When it’s hot out or if we’re just feeling lazy, it’s so much easier to order delivery. Plus the delivery always tastes so much better than the cafeteria food. 

Sunday - I slept awesome last night. It seemed once I closed my eyes I was out and I slept like a rock. I went to bed around 22:00 and slept until almost 08:00. A long needed rest indeed. Formation was pretty normal, roll call and then we did a police call around the building. I then started doing some more of my SkillPort lessons. (These are online lessons that we have to have completed before week 12 in addition to our normal homework and such). Pop Tarts for breakfast and Chinese delivery for lunch. 

After lunch I laid down, put in my earphones and listened to some music...then proceeded to take a nap. I look forward to the weekends here so much because it gives everyone some time to unwind and relax a bit after going full speed all week.

The rest of the night consisted of shave number 2 for the day, dinner, and recall formation in the hot hot sun. Luckily the recall formation didn’t last too long and we headed back to RBK to chill for the rest of the night.

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