Saturday, August 28, 2010

UFC 118 - No Hooters (AIT - Fort Gordon) Day 73

Army landscaping...around the base you will see sandbags used
in all kinds of ways :)

Have I said I'm glad I'm not at Charlie lately? LOL. There are a number of soldiers there that were required to have some mandatory fun today. They have to go to some concert. I have no idea even what kind of music it was, but it was required. Hopefully its not too bad for all of them.

I left the barracks a little early this morning so I could swing by the bank on the way to the PX. I wanted to make sure I got to it before it closed since its a Saturday. My grandma sent me a cashiers check for my birthday and I wanted to cash it. So I went in the bank and asked if they could cash it. Turns out they only cash checks from their bank or for their members. So I said you’re a bank that doesn’t cash checks?. The teller explained they cant because what if it was a bad check?. I said are you kidding me? Its a cashiers check lady. Still no go, so I walked out pissed off. Not a great way to start the day.

We walked over to the PX and I asked if they could cash it...sure no problem. Strange...a bank that wont cash a check, but a store that will. Whatever I'm happy now, I have my cash. First thing to buy...a haircut! Next thing I bought was some more PT uniforms. With all these harder workouts here at RBK I’ve been going through all my PTs and I've either had to do a wash in the middle of the week, or use my "for display only" PTs. The young Hawaiian was with me and we had breakfast at a little restaurant called The Huddle House. Pretty good and inexpensive breakfasts.

I came back to the barracks and worked on my SkillPorts until I finished all of them. What a relief to get all of those out of the way. We have to have them all done by week 12 and it was starting to get a little too close for comfort. I didn’t want to be scrambling to finish them at the last minute.

I had plans to go to Hooters tonight and watch the UFC 118, but PFC Metal went to a concert and everyone else either can't go or has hall guard shifts. Right when I was wondering how I was going to watch the fights the young Hawaiian comes into my room and says he has it streaming on his laptop. In true 25 Bravo fashion he hooked his laptop up to the day room TV. So we have a big picture and sound, not too shabby. Pretty soon we had a small crowd gathered around watching the fights, including the sergeant on desk..LOL. It turned out to be pretty fun, not a big Hooters crowd and no beer...but it was still fun. 

Near the end of the fights after midnight all of a sudden I hear “At Ease”. I thought someone was joking, but everyone jumped up anyway. Turns out the Command Sergeant Major came in the room in civilian clothes. That guy has no life at all!

Overheard Quote: “I’m feeling a little down...I just found out my hero Neil Patrick Harris is gay” (while eating pizza with Pvt Celtic and the ex-cop. The ex-cop said this, and he was quite serious too. It was pretty funny because you could actually tell he wasn’t joking. He was taking it pretty hard too. I started laughing so hard I almost spit out my pizza)

the Wife
The Ex-Cop comment had me laughing so hard I had tears! Where has he been and was he really serious?
Sunday, August 29, 2010 - 09:35 PM

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