Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Command Overload (AIT - Fort Gordon) Day 68

I had to get up at 1:30 AM for an hour long hall guard shift. While I’m thankful that it’s only an hour and we can use electronics, it’s still a bummer to have to get up in the middle of the night. I’m just glad I don’t have to do it that often. The guy I was with wanted to do all the cleaning in the bathrooms because he thought it would make the time go by fast. Who am I to argue with that? The only problem was that when I finished the shift I had a hard time getting back to sleep. I kept tossing and turning looking at my watch and seeing my time available to sleep keep shrinking. It seemed as though right when I fell asleep the alarm went off to wake up.

This morning’s PT was AGR (ability group runs). I of course got in the C group which is where I normally run. The sergeant told everyone that was 27 or younger to move up to B group..LOL. After all the younger guys moved we were left with only 12 people. We started off with a light trot and to my surprise we never sped up. Also to my surprise we had two people fall out. I was thinking to myself for the first time ever that perhaps I should have moved up to the next group! At our turn around point I hadn’t even broke a sweat. Then finally when we got to the top of a hill the sergeant told us to sprint down and back up the hill. I took off and came back up. We ended up doing that 3 times and after that I was sweating pretty good. We then started a jog back and about a quarter mile from our starting point the sergeant released us and told us to run at our own pace back to the start. So I ended up with a pretty good workout even after the slow start.

Yesterday all of Charlie moved over to Bravo barracks, so everyone from RBK was told we don’t have to come to the morning formation. They are remodeling Charlie barracks right now and will be for a week. This is great news because we can now go back to our schedule of a leisurely breakfast which was nice. We then walked over to the IET center where I promptly took a nap. I had no problems falling asleep this time!

I woke up about an hour later and startied checking out the news on my iPhone when a sergeant walks up out of nowhere and rudely awakens PFC Metal who was still napping next to me. She told him he couldn’t sleep here and to sit up straight. “If you want to sleep go back to your barracks”. I think it makes the sergeants feel better about themselves when they can give out a good yelling at a private. PFC Metal was a little disoriented at first because he was dead asleep when this sergeant started yelling at him and nudging him to wake up. It’s funny to look back on and laugh now, but what a crappy way to wake up. Normally the sergeants don’t go in the IET center, it’s for the soldiers who are attending AIT. So this was a rare occurrence.  

After lunch at the DFAC we headed over to our CLI class. This time it wasn’t all just a refresher for me. We went over a whole bunch of new Unix commands that I was not familiar with and some that I have messed with very little. We also went over the VI editor which I have experience with, but do not care for too much. Tomorrow we will be practicing all we have learned so far and reviewing for the test which will be the following day.

We then ate dinner and marched back to RBK where I took an extra long relaxing shower. Let me tell you those feel so awesome after a day out in the Georgia sun in full ACUs.

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