Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A Normal Day (AIT - Fort Gordon) Day 48

PFC Metal on the left and me on the right. This is during our
"nap time" after we get off the bus and before class.

PT was cut short this morning because of threat of lightning. We were about two thirds of the way done and then we had to go inside. This was pretty cool because it gave us so much more time to get ready this morning. We had plenty of time to get showered, dressed, do our morning cleaning duties and eat. It's nice to take your time eating breakfast, I even had a cup of coffee.

Let me tell you what a normal day is like here at AIT right now…

4:30 AM: I wake up using my iPhone as my alarm clock. This is about 15 minutes before everyone else. It gives me time to get up and shave before the bathrooms get clogged up with people. I then leisurely get ready for PT. 
5:00 AM: I head to formation.
5:15 AM: The sergeants take roll call and we head over to the PT field
5:30 AM: We start PT
6:30 AM: We finish PT and we have two choices, make our way to the barracks for "personal hygiene" (a.k.a. shower) or we go eat. We do both it's just a preference of what you want to do first. The RFAC dining facility is only a minute walk from our barracks.
7:30 AM: I get in school formation
7:35 AM: We board the buses that take us to Dixon Hall for classes. The ride is only 5 minutes and we have "nap time" while we wait for the other companies to march in from the barracks.
8:10 AM(ish): We form up and go to our classroom
8:30 AM: We start class with one 15 minute break before lunch
11:30 AM: We head out for lunch formation and eat lunch
12:45 PM: We head back to class as a formation
1:00 PM: We start class and have two breaks before we break for the day
4:40 PM: We clean up our area of operation (the classroom) and leave class for dinner formation…then eat dinner
5:45 PM: We head back to our classroom mandatory study in a formation
6:00 PM: We do our mandatory study hall
7:40 PM: We head out to formation and march back to our company area
8:00 PM: Mail call formation at the company. This can be short or very long depending on how much the sergeants want to talk. After this we head back to RBK in battle buddy teams (no formation)
8:45 PM: (This time may vary) I am back in the barracks and I take another shower from being sweaty in this hot humid weather. I check my email and Facebook notifications. I video chat with my wife.
9:30 PM: Lights out. I go to sleep...and then it all starts over again.

This schedule keeps me very busy and makes the days go by fast. Unfortunately it has kept me from being able to update my website daily. I make notes and then get it all up to date by the weekend. There are always little variances thrown in here and there, like today before we left study hall, the command sergeant major stopped by and reminded us to do stuff for ourselves on our personal time…relax have fun, recharge. Too bad we don't get too much during the week.

I am also coming down with something. I stopped by the PX this afternoon and bought DayQuill, Vitamin C drops, and cough drops. Grrrrrrrrr….I don't want to be sick!

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