Friday, August 27, 2010

Sergeant Negative (AIT - Fort Gordon) Day 71

Today some guys were late to the RBK formation, so the sergeant
put them in the front leaning rest position. I had to snap a 
quick picture...LOL

Here at RBK we have sergeants from various companies rotate through. Usually they are all pretty cool while they are here. There is one, I believe he’s from Delta company (I’ll call him Sgt Negative) who is just a total jerk all the time. He happens to be our sergeant on desk today. He is also our PT sergeant this morning. All he does is tell us all how crappy we are, how we are all shit bags, how he’s going to kick us all out of RBK and send us back to the company. This goes on and on all morning and he wonders why nobody is motivated. This dirtbag is just a jerk 100% of the time. I can honestly say I hate this guy. A crappy way to start the day. I think he gave me a headache and it lasted all freakin’ day!

Found out this morning that there was an issue with my leave request. I had to change some info on the address and I also attached the wrong LES form. (again why they need our pay info is pretty stupid). While at the IET center I was able to log in and print the correct one off really quick. I had it all ready and emailed it to myself before we left, so all I had to do was log on to my email and print it off. We have to pay by the minute when using these machines. We stopped by the company on the way to lunch and I was able to get it all to our platoon sergeant. Everything should be squared away now for the 4 day weekend coming up. I can’t wait!!!

In school today we started Solaris admin. It is pretty much a lot of the stuff we did in CLI, but using a GUI to do the same things. We also went over some of the other admin type stuff like setting up a user. I think admin will be much easier than CLI.

All week there have been rumors that we will be phasing up tomorrow. This is actually a week early than we are supposed to according to the policy letter, so I’m not getting my hopes up. It would be so nice though because there is a UFC fight on Saturday. We have to be back in our beds by 1:00AM on the weekends as phase Vs, but we don’t have to be back at all as phase V+. That would mean we wouldn’t have to miss the end of it.

Overheard Quote: “They called us turds” (Our MOS-T sergeant in class talking about what his drill sergeants called them in basic training)

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