Friday, August 20, 2010

Wet Weather Gear (AIT - Fort Gordon) Day 65

PT this morning was OK, for some reason my throat is starting to get sore. I thought I was over being sick, but it is trying to make a comeback. Grrrrr. We did 60/120’s today...sprint for 60 seconds then walk for 120 seconds. I just didn’t have it in me to give 100%, so I put in about 75%. I’m hoping resting up this weekend that I’ll feel better by Monday.

We went over to Charlie and did duties for about a half hour, then I was PFC Metal’s battle buddy for an appointment at the dental clinic. We took off and I waited in the waiting room watching the news. Strange how little I watch TV now. I used to watch it daily before joining. I can now probably count the number of hours I’ve watched TV on one hand. 

After the appointment we headed back just in time to head to class, guess we’ll eat a snack during the break for our lunch. We are in a new class room with a new teacher. CLI class today turned out to be basic Unix commands. I already knew everything the instructor went over because I’ve been used to working on Macs which are Unix based machines. I just went around the class helping out anyone who was stuck or needed help on the practical exercises we did.

After class and dinner we had our normal Friday safety briefing. The safety briefing was short, but then one of the NCOs got up and just started talking and talking to the formation. I swear they all love to hear the sound of their own voice. It started to rain, that had no affect on him...he just kept going and going. Finally it was time for RBK to form up and march over, so he had everyone fall out.

Everyone at RBK has been required to pack their wet weather gear, but so far we haven’t had to use it. I still can’t get over the weather here in Georgia. It will be hot as hell and sunny as can be, then before you know it rain clouds come in and it dumps rain like crazy. This doesn’t usually last too long, then it’s back to being sunny again. So far we’ve been pretty lucky, the rain has always come down while we’ve been in class or eating. Today we were not so lucky, but I was able to use my wet weather gear for the first time. 

We formed up for the RBK formation and what do you know...the NCO that is marching us over had to give us a little speech about something. He went on and on while the rain poured down and we just stood there. This was a sergeant from Delta company and he was complaining about the state of our rooms over at RBK. Strange because all we ever get is complements from upper command about how our barracks are so much cleaner and better than everyone else. I think this sergeant was just a little jealous, because he went through each of the rooms earlier in the day and made sure to find something wrong with all of them. I’m sure if you spend enough time you’ll find something wrong with even the most squared away soldier here. 

So when we got back to our barracks we had to wait outside our rooms until the sergeant came and told us our deficiencies. If we had a problem we were not allowed to leave anywhere tonight. My hospital corners were not 45 degrees. What’s funny is that since I don’t sleep in my bed it has been this way since I’ve moved in, but no other inspections have turned this up. I didn’t really care though because I wasn’t planning on going anywhere anyways. There will be a re-inspection tomorrow to make sure everyone has fixed their “problems”.

NCOs wonder why the moral is so low here and it’s because of stupid stuff like this. There was a guy who had family fly in from California and he wasn’t allowed to leave to visit with them. Oh well...tomorrow will bring me one day closer to the 4 day weekend and I’ll be off base hanging out with my wife!

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