Friday, August 13, 2010

Change of Responsibility (AIT - Fort Gordon) Day 57

This morning we again didn’t have PT because of the upcoming ceremony. Now let me stop here for a second and discuss the army’s priorities. Right before we took our final exam for CCNA2 (a pretty demanding class and test) the class asked the instructor if we could come in early the day of the test to do some extra studying. The instructor thought this was a great idea, but when she ran it by the 1st sergeant he said PT is very important and he wouldn’t want us to miss it. Now fast forward a few days... we have now missed 2 days of PT because of our 1st sergeant’s change of responsibility ceremony. No big deal.

We marched over to Centurion Field and then were released for breakfast. When we formed back up we practiced singing two of the songs that we will be singing (The Army Song and The Signal Corps March). I guess we weren’t sounding too well in rehearsal the day before. We stood around and waited...and waited. At least this was first thing in the morning (8:30), so it wasn’t getting too hot yet. The ceremony was for our 1st sergeant who is leaving and another is taking over as 1st sergeant. We did a lot of standing at parade rest and attention (keep in mind that when at either of these positions you cannot move at all - the guy in front of me actually got stung by a bee and was able to keep still during the sting!), listened to speeches, sang our songs, and then marched off while doing some loud cadence. I think we all looked pretty good and we sure as hell sounded good when we were marching off. Even our platoon sergeants said it was the best they have ever witnessed. 

After the ceremony PFC Metal and I took off and headed straight to the IET center for our morning nap. Our main goal was to get away from Charlie company asap. You never know what will happen to you if you hang around there too long, most likely they will have you cleaning toilets or some other crappy job. It was awesome and amazing all in one. I really look forward to those naps each morning LOL. After resting up we headed over to eat lunch and then school.

We heard today that someone in Charlie actually went AWOL. I didn’t actually know the guy because he came after I moved over to RBK. Pretty crazy, I thought all that would be done once basic is finished. This place can be pretty crappy too though, just in a different way.

Overheard Quote: “Only 38 more hours until I can have a beer” (A private in formation before the ceremony started)

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