Thursday, August 19, 2010

Run Sucka Run (AIT - Fort Gordon) Day 63

This morning we had a heck of a run. We actually ran around Barton Field. The track is a bit over 3 miles plus we ran to and from the field. It was a tough long run, but this has actually been something I’ve been wanting to do since I first saw the track around the field. It looked like a good challenge, I just never got around to doing it yet. This just made it happen a little earlier than I planned. We got back late and ended up needing to rush to get ready and eat.

We formed up at Charlie company once again to do duties around the area. I picked up trash around the area and then helped take stuff up stairs. Everyone from RBK ended up taking a break in the middle and going to the IET center to eat because there were a few of us that didn’t get a chance to eat this morning. I just grabbed a coffee, which hit the spot. I really do hate doing the duties at Charlie, we keep our barracks at RBK clean and we have to clean up all their crap as well. I just don’t have it in me to give 100% during these morning duties.

We had our last day of Exchange 2007 today, it seems like we are a bit behind schedule. The instructor is just having us do the exercises, but is not really explaining anything. I get it since I’ve actually used an earlier version of Exchange in one of my previous jobs. I’ve been trying to help out everyone who is having a tough time. We test out tomorrow!

When we got back to our barracks we got another speech from Sergeant Pineapple. He went on about how we have to be a team no matter race or beliefs, because if we don’t when we ship down range it will get us killed. Every time he sits us down for a talk it is always you better do this or else you will get killed down range. I swear he’s going to say if you don’t put hospital corners on your bed it will get you killed down range. It started raining on everyone during this little speech of his, so we all had to sit there and get

The rest of the night is going to involve relaxing and some video chatting with my family.

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