Monday, August 2, 2010

Haircuts R Me (AIT - Fort Gordon) Day 46

My new "no maintenance" haircut

Had a normal 5 minute formation this morning then I hit the books again. Morning weekend breakfast was the usual…Pop Tarts out of my locker. Lunch was a new one, me and the hawaiians hit up a chinese restaurant on the way to the PX called "Me Me & Bo Bo's". I experienced Chinese donuts for the first time…pretty tasty.

Looking at the date today and I realized it's August already. Time seems to be moving much faster here at AIT than it did in Basic. One more month and I will get to see my wife again when she comes to visit on Labor Day, I really can't wait. That is by far the toughest thing about basic and AIT…not being able to see my friends and family, especially my wife and kids. I get to video chat with them, which I'm thankful for, but it's still not the same as seeing them in person. I can't wait until AIT is over and I can see them all once again. According to my calculations it should be sometime in November, but you never know what may come up and change things.

Sunday is the day of recall formation, this is the formation where the sergeant walks through the ranks with his clip board and checks off each soldier individually. He checks to make sure we have a good hair cut, clean shaven, have our dog tags, our military ID, our proper uniform, and a full camel bak. So I went to the barber shop at the PX to get my hair cut since it was getting close to being questionable. I was going to have PFC Metal cut it with his clippers, but he is out with his wife all weekend.

When I got back I went to the bathroom which every Sunday gets converted into a guys office. There is a guy in RBK who sets up shop in the bathroom. He gives hair cuts for $8 a pop to anyone who wants one. You step into his "office" and he'll give you a very professional military cut complete with complimentary Mexican music…and the occasional smell of someone doing the other type of business in there. Word is that this guy used to work at a barber shop before joining the army. I bet he makes more with his steady flow of clients each Sunday than he does working all week in the army…lol.

Formation was unusually fast this evening which was a nice surprise. We were only there for about 15 minutes and that may be a new record. I was talking to the old hawaiian before formation and I guess he walked into the bathroom at Charlie only to see a guy in front of the mirror shaving his pubic hairs. Not something you really want to walk in on! Now it's back to the room where I will finish up my homework to the sounds of one guy playing the guitar and two others playing XBox games.

Then I may read my new book for a bit "I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell". I was reading it earlier today and couldn't stop laughing. This guy is hilarious! I would suggest reading it if you are a guy and if you have a raunchy sense of humor. It’s basically the true story of a guy’s life who seems to have a drinking problem...and he is a player. He has a bunch of interesting and funny stories to tell in the book.

Overheard Quote: “There are no high kicks in formation” (The PG in front of our formation. The formations at Charlie can get a little out of control sometimes, one of the other reasons I like RBK so much. The guys at RBK seem to have a little more military bearing)

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