Saturday, August 14, 2010

Friday The 13th (AIT - Fort Gordon) Day 58

This morning I think our PT sergeant was having a bad day. He is a delta company sergeant (we rotate out sergeants here at RBK) and he just seemed pissed from the start. He called out the exercises pretty fast, having us switch from one to another over and over. He wanted to go for a run, but the other sergeants I don’t think wanted to run because they went up to him and had a little conversation and ended up leaving. Without the extra sergeants he couldn't take us for a run, so he had us sprint back and forth on the field we were working out on. This is the first PT session where we had people actually fall out. We had three guys throwing up and one had to be helped back into the barracks. Pretty crazy start to the day.

The rest of the morning was perfect. PFC Metal, the young Hawaiian and I all did our duties in our room and then went to the RFAC pretty late. We took our time eating while the buses pulled away. After a while I looked up and noticed that there seemed to be only officers and NCOs around, so I suggested we make our way outta there. We walked to the IET center and took our morning naps. All three of us passed out. This is the perfect way to start the school day nice and refreshed.

Lunch...then school was next. This is our last day of Windows 2008 server. We will test out of it on Monday. There were a number of people that just couldn’t stay awake in class, I guess they didn’t get their morning nap..LOL

My wife had her last day at her job today. Seems strange being the sole provider now. She is going to get the house ready for renters since we were unable to sell in this crappy housing market. The last thing I wanted to be is a landlord. Uggggghh. We are going to have a local property management take over everything because we have no idea where we will be. That is one thing that has been on our minds for a while now. Where will I get stationed. I filled out the “dream sheet” or “wish list” as some call it. It is all done online now via your AKO account. I have no idea how much they even look at the places, but I hope I get someplace at least decent. I chose Ft. Lewis in Washington State because that would be the easiest transition for me and my family. The base is actually only about a half hour from most of my family and my wife’s family. I also chose a base in California and one in Texas. I figured if possible I’d like to be on the west coast. For my oversea assignments I chose Germany, Hawaii and then Korea. I really have no desire to go to Japan or Alaska. Korea just seemed better than either of those. My wife asks me every day if I have found out yet where we are going. I check every day and have to tell her “no baby...not yet”. From what I’ve heard from others I may find out in the next week or two...or three. I guess we’ll see.

For now we are putting everything we haven’t sold into storage. My wife is going to stay with family until we get shipped to wherever this adventure takes us.

Overheard Quote: “Get off your knees, this isn’t the navy” (The PT sergeant after a few people dropped to their knees doing push-ups during PT this morning)

People fall asleep in class all the time. Some teachers let it go and others make you do push-ups.
I say let 'em sleep and it's on them to pass the class. I've been there...sometimes you just cannot keep
your eyes open!

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