Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Surprise Appointment - (MedBoard: Joint Base Lewis-McChord) Day 115

A random photo I found on the web showing the hydrotherapy bed
pretty much the same as I used 

This morning's formation was at the gym as is every Tuesday. We had accountability, then everyone was told to go into the gym. I was in ACUs and hung out with everyone else in ACUs that had appointments. We waited and waited, then we all just took off because it didn't seem like any NCO was going to come over and say anything. I think we all had better things to do with our time than just stand there and look stupid.

I eat breakfast in my car and then take a nap. It's been getting colder lately, so I've started to leave a blanket in my car to use for the long naps I spend in my car. I don't want to leave it running with the heat and just waste gas, so the blanket is going to work out great.

I headed to my 0945 physical therapy appointment and had traction done again on my neck. The process was good, they applied heat to my back and stretched my neck and it all felt great. I headed back to my car afterward and listened to music for a while. For some reason an extra mystery WTB physical therapy appointments showed up on my schedule and the first one is today at 1330. Nobody I asked seemed to know what they are for, so I am getting a little pissed. I wasn't even sure where to go exactly and I'm a little surprised they just showed up without anyone even calling and talking to me about them.

I go to the SFAC and eat my lunch, then check my army email. I then headed over to the main WTB therapy center and checked in at their desk, which happened to be the right place to go. I then find out this is probably the best surprise appointment ever! The therapist takes me back to a room for something they call "hydrotherapy". I lay down in what looks like the bottom of a tanning bed, but instead of light tubes, it is filled with a small water bed. I take off my boots and my ACU top, then lay down in the bed. To my surprise it's nice and warm…very relaxing. The therapist explains a little about it, gives me some big noise canceling headphones which I plug into my iPhone and start listening to music. Jets start shooting water inside the bed slowly up and down my back and it feels pretty darn good. The surprise therapy lasted a half hour and it was pretty awesome. I was able to totally relax and just let the warm water massage me.

I then headed home and did schoolwork. When my wife came home we headed off to the YMCA for a good workout.

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