Monday, October 28, 2013

Nuthin' With The Navy - (MedBoard: Joint Base Lewis-McChord) Day 142

I texted my squad leader first thing to remind him I'll be at my MOU…interning with the navy today. Not a whole lot to report for today, all I did was surf the web the entire day. The first hour or so is entertaining with the latest news stories and such, but after that it can get a little boring. I really can't wait until I get out of the army and get a normal job once again. I want to work and actually do something every day!

After work I headed to the Verizon store and made the switch from AT&T. It happened a little by mistake, I headed to the mall on my way to the AT&T store looking to upgrade our old iPhone 4 to the new 5s. The problem was that I really had to go pee! The bathrooms were closed by the AT&T store, so I made my way through the mall to the next set of bathrooms. On the way out I stopped at the Verizon kiosk and inquired about their plans…turns out we should be saving about $50 a month now that we made the switch. I used to have Verizon before the iPhone came out, but made the switch to AT&T when they were the exclusive carrier. I think I will be glad to be back with Verizon.

No working out tonight…we headed to my in-laws to watch the Seahawks play a very pitiful game against the Rams…it hurt to watch!

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