Friday, October 4, 2013

Battalion PT - (MedBoard: Joint Base Lewis-McChord) Day 118

I received a few texts last night stating that battalion PT is at the pool this morning. We are supposed to bring shorts and either play water polo or do some sort of water aerobics. I ignored them, I don't feel like doing that crap. When I woke up I promptly texted my squad leader letting him know I'll be an intern with the navy today, I then go back to sleep.

With the government shutdown there is actually nobody in the navy N6 office. I'm actually just waiting (on-call) just in case they decide to have people come in. I take the opportunity to do schoolwork and that was about it for the day. Despite the fact that I didn't do anything today, I do hope the government ends the shutdown sooner rather than later. I think I'll be voting for anyone that is not a republican or democrat during the next elections. If I have to choose I will vote out anyone that's currently in office. They are not accomplishing anything right now and really pissing me and everyone off. There are a lot of families really being affected by this shutdown, not to mention the slowdowns it's causing everyone on post. The civilians in the hospital are working for IOUs. You can't pay your bills with an IOU! It's also going to probably cause my paperwork for the medboard process to be delayed. I am currently waiting on the VA for my disability ratings, but I'm sure none of that is being done now. The backlog will just keep growing and growing during this shutdown. Not that I wanted to work for the federal government after I get out of the army, but this shutdown really makes me want to stay far away from any kind of government work.

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