Thursday, October 3, 2013

Lack of Communication - (MedBoard: Joint Base Lewis-McChord) Day 117

I arrived for morning formation and as usual I headed inside the building where we form up in front of. As I was sitting down passing the time dinking around on my iPhone I notice my squad leader is at the staff duty desk. He sees me and says "Oh, I meant to tell you last night when I called you that formation this morning is at 0830". That sucks…I could have slept in quite a bit this morning. I head back out to my car, eat breakfast, then pull out my blanket and take a nap. A little before 0830 I head back to where the formation should be and don't see anyone there. I think my squad leader also forgot to tell me that the formation is at the theatre today for a town hall meeting. I don't really care, I have an appointment anyway. I head back to my car and listen to the radio for a while.

I head to physical therapy and get traction done again on my neck. This time they up the strength to 16 pounds. It's not too much and I lay there for the 12 minutes or so relaxing while the contraption pulls on my head stretching it away from my body. It may sound like a medieval torture instrument, but it actually seems to be helping my pain! Once therapy was complete, I made my way home and did schoolwork. With the government shutdown and no budget being passed, I'm now starting to worry about both my paycheck and tuition assistance for future classes. I've been told that military will be getting paid on time, but I would like to see the check deposited in my account before I rest easy. As far as tuition assistance goes, there is no telling whether it will be part of this next year's budget or not. I'm so close to getting my degree, I sure hope it at least gets partially funded.

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