Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Just Wasting Time - (MedBoard: Joint Base Lewis-McChord) Day 122

A photo I took in front of Madigan hospital of Mt. Rainier.

This morning we had formation at 0715 in ACUs. When I received this text from my squad leader last night I knew something was up, but just didn't know exactly what. I did enjoy the little bit of extra sleep, but I went in already grumpy wondering what we were going to do.

We formed up and stood there for a while…it's cold and I'm grumpy. Finally they give the command to open ranks. This has each row (or squad) move apart from each other so an NCO can come through and do an inspection of each individual. Today they were checking for our IDs, our ID tags (dog tags), and our profile. These are things we are always supposed to have on us at all times. I have all of mine, my ID is in my wallet and my tags and profile are always kept in a pocket in my ACUs. I hold them out and wait for the NCO to come through and check me off. I would say about half the people don't have one or more of the items. It doesn't really matter to me, I don't give a crap. I just stand there pissed off wondering why the hell we have to stupid crap like this. I'm here to get through the medboard and get out of the army. The longer it takes, it seems the more I hate pretty much everything about the army. The platoon sergeant finally gets through and has everyone marked down on a sheet of paper, I'm not sure what the consequences are going to be for those that don't have all the inspectable items on them…I don't really care. We get to hear the first sergeant yell at everyone, telling us we're still soldiers even though we're here at the WTB. She goes on for a while, I just tune her out and wait.

We finally get released and I head to my car. I eat breakfast and listen to music for a while. The WTB has a lot of different events and stuff that go on, but I don't want to have anything to do with the unit. I don't want to run into the first sergeant or any of the NCOs if I don't have to. I head to the SFAC and check my army email. I also print off a signed CIF form. This form shows everything that the army has issued me, mine is totally blank because I turned in everything back in Germany. I take the form up to my squad leader because he said he needed it. I guess it's just to make sure none of the soldiers have any outstanding items they need to turn in. I then have to sign another form he has stating that I have all the other items that the army has issued, that we actually keep. This is stuff like underwear, socks, and uniforms. Why we have to sign this I'm not sure...but we do. Even my squad leader said it's kind of stupid, but they have to do it. I sign it, shake my head, then leave.

I have a physical therapy appointment that I go to and have traction done. I lay there relaxing while a machine tries to pull my head off for about 12 minutes or so. When I do get up, my head does feel better. I think this whole process has actually helped quite a bit! I head home and do schoolwork.

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