Thursday, October 31, 2013

Shaving Profile? - (MedBoard: Joint Base Lewis-McChord) Day 145

This morning as most mornings that I head to Ft. Lewis, I woke up in a haze (my alarm goes off at 0420). I made my way around my house like a zombie getting ready for the day and then took off for the commute to Ft. Lewis. I chose to make the sacrifice of living an hour away from Ft. Lewis because I'm now back in my hometown and we have both our families within a five minute drive. I don't mind the drive, but sometimes like today I realize I don't really function well when I get up so early in the morning. When I arrived at Ft. Lewis I realized that I didn't shave this morning. Oh Crap! That was all I could think…the commissary and PX don't open until 0900 and our morning formation is at 0630.

I just headed to formation and thankfully it was still dark enough that nobody said anything or even cared that I had a face full of stubble. I couldn't slip away after morning formation as I usually try because we were released to our platoon sergeants. For some reason everyone and their mom had an appointment today and our platoon only had 4 people left. We all had to go inside and do some warmup and stretching. It's not bad, but I just didn't want to be there…and we were inside where the lighting was much better. Luckily nobody said anything, so when we released the platoon sergeant said we could go ride a stationary bike or go for a walk to get some cardio in. I got my cardio in by walking to my car. I have my breakfast in my car as usual and then have to head to a physical therapy appointment. I stay in my PT uniform along with my stubble and head to the appointment. The folks in there (even though some are army) just assumed I had a shaving profile. I had my traction done at physical therapy, now my neck feels nice and stretched.

I head to the SFAC and check my army email. I then print out my LES so I can take it to Verizon. In order to get a military discount they need a printed LES, for some reason a military ID isn't enough. No problems, I got it and took off. Once home I change and then head off to my wife's office for a side job. She works in the marketing department and their two computers in there are Macintosh computers. The company IT department doesn't know what to do with them. They also have a MacBook Pro, which was giving them some problems. So now when the marketing department needs any work they contract me to fix them since I have my Apple certifications along with several years of IT work and Apple experience. It's nice to actually do a little IT work and get paid for it!

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