Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Focus Transition Review - (MedBoard: Joint Base Lewis-McChord) Day137

This morning we had our formation and were released to our platoon leaders. There really wasn't a chance for me to just walk away since a platoon is a much smaller group of people than an entire company. Our platoon sergeant told everyone to do laps around the WTB complex…he didn't say how many though. I walked around once and then headed straight to my car. Once in my car I did my usual morning ritual of eating breakfast while listening to the radio and then taking a nap.

When I headed to the WTB bathroom to change into my ACUs, I realized that I did not pack my undershirt, boxers, or my green socks. Normally I do this all the night before, but for some reason I totally forgot and just threw in my ACU top and bottoms (I'm pretty much a zombie in the mornings practically sleep walking). Normally this wouldn't be a huge deal, but I have something called an FTR (Focus Transition Review) that I have to attend at 0900. I put on my ACU top without an undershirt, but make sure it's zipped up as far as it goes so it's hard to tell if I have an undershirt on or not. This FTR meeting that I have is in the company conference room and involves pretty much everyone it seems…my social worker, my NCM, the company commander, the battalion commander, the NCM commander and my squad leader. The meeting happens every 90 days and they go over my progress and the goals I set at my initial CTP meeting. Everything went pretty smoothly, I have my act together, I haven't missed any appointments, I am going to school, and I am doing an internship. The meeting lasted about 40 minutes, which is pretty fast from the sound of it I guess. I was a little nervous, not because of the material covered, but because I didn't have an undershirt on…luckily nobody noticed.

I then headed to physical therapy and had traction done on my neck. This lasts for about 15 minutes or so and I just relax with the head on my upper shoulders and the machine pulling my head away from my neck. Once finished I headed off to the Tacoma Mall Apple store and picked up an iPod for my son. He did a great job saving up the money for it. He had to have the red color, which can only be found at the Apple store or online. If it were any other color, I could have purchased it at the Exchange and saved because there is no tax.

Once home I ate lunch and then did schoolwork. When my wife came home we headed off to the YMCA and had another great cardio workout.

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