Friday, October 25, 2013

Physical Therapy - (MedBoard: Joint Base Lewis-McChord) Day139

I got a text last night stating that the morning formation was at 0830 and in ACUs. I had to reply back letting him know I would be missing it because of an appointment. So I got to sleep in a little and get ready for the day at my house. It's always nice being able to take a shower in the morning and eat breakfast at my house before heading out. I usually shower the night before then get up and leave while in zombie mode.

At 0845 I had a physical therapy appointment for traction. It was the same as usual, lay down on a bed and have a machine gently pull my head away from my body relieving the pressure that builds up within the disks in my neck. I haven't noticed anything right after the appointment, but I have noticed that overall I've been feeling better because of them.

I head to my car and take a nap…well I was trying to, just as I was just about to fall asleep I get a text from my squad leader telling me that he needs to see me. This pisses me off just a little, because I was just about to enter dreamland and all of a sudden I'm jerked out of it. I head up to see him and find out that there is a new policy. Everyone will receive 2 copies of their appointments each Friday. One is to keep and the other needs to be signed and dated acknowledging that we received it. This is pretty stupid. I'm sure it all came about because someone missed an appointment and said they didn't know about it. Now everyone has to go through this process once a week…and I was almost asleep!

Speaking of sleep, I headed back to my car and promptly fell asleep. When I woke up, it was lunchtime. I grab my lunch and head to the SFAC. When I arrive I see they are having some sort of Mexican food party. I get asked why I'm eating my own lunch and not all the Mexican food…I say I didn't even hear about it. I love Mexican food, but in reality I probably would have avoided it anyway…I don't really want to spend any time with army people unless I have to now. I wait a while then take my turn to use the microwave and heat up my leftovers, then eat in the SFAC.

I head to the WTB physical therapy office for a hydro massage appointment. On my way there I see Bravo company getting in formation, I just shake my head and continue on. Hydro massage is awesome as usual, a half hour of nice warm jets up and down my back while listening to music on my iPhone…bliss!

After that I headed home and did schoolwork.

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